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How to Make Sales Content More Engaging

In the last few years, mobile video technology has transformed the way we learn and consume content at work. But modern learning technology by itself doesn’t drive better engagement and learning outcomes. To be effective, a training program must also incorporate modern learning practice. Keep the Sales Learning Content Bite-Sized Whether it’s delivered by mobile video, PowerPoint or a “live” human, a 60-minute lecture is still a 60-minute lecture – one that will prompt many reps to disengage. A key principle of modern learning is that content should be broken into small,... Continue Reading

Sales Learning: What Do Salespeople Want?

Sales training and enablement teams allocate 90% of sales learning resources to formal training programs that involve flying in geographically distributed reps for marathon PowerPoint presentations. Reps try to cram on product knowledge and sales skills while occasionally staring at the clock thinking about all the business they could be closing if they were out in the field.  Studies show that this approach of banking on formal learning is ineffective because salespeople forget up to 80% of sales training within a month. Not to mention that flying in the entire sales force... Continue Reading