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Helping Top Performers

Recently, a national sales manager said to me, “I get how this can help my average performers, but what about my top performers? Is this really going to help my top performers?” In this two-minute video, I explain how Allego also benefits your top performers.   [video_block video_id=”777″ title=”Helping Top Performers” caption_link_text=”Want more? Check out our Blueprint Methodology” caption_link=”” class=”aligncenter” ]   Continue Reading

Mobile = Personal computing with a capital P

How the world of apps is reshaping computing, for the better   Time was, not so long ago, that computers were used for … well, computing. The first generation of electronic computers, with George Jetson-esque names like ENIAC and Univac, were essentially high-performance abacuses, used to tabulate numeric information like census data, and to power through massive calculations such as predicting weather patterns, modeling nuclear explosions and controlling space flight. In that context, the idea of a personal computer was utterly absurd. Why would any person possibly need that kind of calculational... Continue Reading

Why Tom Brady Watches 17 hours of Video/Week

“You learn to learn. You learn. Then, you learn to re-learn.” That’s why almost every professional sports team now uses the iPad as their official playbook. They understand the need to “re-learn” as well. Read this quick article  about Why Tom Brady Watches 17 Hours of Video a week. This process is crucial for all of us to understand, whether we are professional athletes or salespeople. When you collaborate with the right people at the right time, you improve the odds that you will win. Talented teams create great content and ideas.... Continue Reading

4 Considerations When Choosing a Video & Knowledge Sharing Solution

We’ve been working with companies that are choosing a Video and Knowledge Sharing Solution for their organizations.  There are various business reasons they cite for this investment including Sales Enablement, Training and Development, Sales & Marketing Collaboration and Corporate Communications.  However, those companies that have been the most satisfied with their process and decision have all focused on one key factor when considering the solution to deploy: Will this solution provide the best experience for my employees? We’ve broken down that question in four key components that should provide the basis for a... Continue Reading