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Modern Learning Methods Help Sales Leaders Control the Controllables

Sales leaders have little or no control over what their competitors are doing, or when their reps will gain access to key decision-makers (if they’re even able to do so in the first place). However, they can control how their sales team pitches their products and responds to customer concerns. In industries such as healthcare, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals, your team’s execution of the “how” has become increasingly critical. A decade ago, salespeople could walk through a physician’s door and get a face-to-face meeting. Today, access is very limited. Even if you... Continue Reading

Using Allego for Marketing: An Inside Perspective

As Director of Product Marketing at Allego, I have found our platform to be an invaluable asset for marketers. Once you read the rest of this post, I think you’ll agree with me. Because Allego is a growing software company in a dynamic industry, we constantly need to understand what’s going on in the market and be responsive to the needs of our sales force.  It’s often difficult to obtain this information from them via face-to-face communications, web conferences, or even email because they’re busy, they travel, or are located remotely. Sometimes... Continue Reading

Shorten Time to First Sale with Peer-to-Peer Training

What do “old school” onboarding programs have in common with a reality-TV show? In reality shows, contestants are often dropped into a new environment to see how long they’ll survive. After traditional onboarding, newly hired sales reps are metaphorically dropped into the competitive wilderness to see if they can survive selling products they don’t know very well.  The results are often as you’d expect: low success and high turnover. The Outcomes of Sales Onboarding “It’s like suddenly getting pushed into the deep end of the pool,” said Joe Baker, Sales Development and... Continue Reading

Lack Of Empathy Is A Sure Fire Way To Lose Customers

Today’s post is by Colleen Stanley, president of SalesLeadership—a leading sales development consulting firm that specializes in emotional intelligence and consultative sales skills training. Colleen was named by Salesforce as one of the eight most influential sales experts of the 21st century, and is the author of the best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success. Companies are always focused on new strategies to acquire clients.  Money is invested in technology and marketing to ensure the sales pipelines are full.  Investments are made in PR, SEO and artificial intelligence. But often, these proactive... Continue Reading