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Capturing The Collective Wisdom of Financial Advisors

Financial advisors often lack timely access to critical information for expanding their practice and articulating their firm’s unique position amidst industry disruptions. Traditional training and communication tools are too slow for today’s increasingly volatile markets. Advisors need information quickly, and they want to hear from their peers. The Impending ‘Brain Drain’ in Wealth Management The impending financial services “brain drain,” a phenomenon driven (in part) by Baby Boomer retirements, is an example for which capturing the wisdom of subject matter expert is essential. As large numbers of experienced financial advisors and insurance... Continue Reading

How to Make Sales Content More Engaging

In the last few years, mobile video technology has transformed the way we learn and consume content at work. But modern learning technology by itself doesn’t drive better engagement and learning outcomes. To be effective, a training program must also incorporate modern learning practice. Keep the Sales Learning Content Bite-Sized Whether it’s delivered by mobile video, PowerPoint or a “live” human, a 60-minute lecture is still a 60-minute lecture – one that will prompt many reps to disengage. A key principle of modern learning is that content should be broken into small,... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why Your Sales Training Fails To Produce ROI

Today’s sales training and enablement professionals can’t afford to be dismissive of ROI: if your sales training and coaching programs aren’t generating tangible results – in terms of higher revenues, faster ramp-up, shorter sales cycles, etc. – you need to find out why and apply the available fixes. In our experience, there are 3 reasons why sales training programs fail to produce ROI.     Sales managers don’t prioritize training At many organizations, sales managers are under pressure to prioritize immediate, short-term goals over those that are longer term. Because the managers... Continue Reading

How to Fortify Compliance in Financial Services [Case Study]

Allego gives financial services firms unprecedented visibility into what their salespeople say in the field. The resulting improvements to customer conversations have major implications for enhancing revenue performance.  However, the window they gain into whether or not those conversations are compliant is equally valuable. Background Founded in the early 20th century, this firm is one of the oldest asset management companies in the world. With rapidly changing financial markets, they sought a platform to disseminate time-sensitive, critical information to their geographically distributed sales organization in the form of easy-to-create videos. Specifically, the... Continue Reading