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Modern Learning Tools Rescue Sales Onboarding for Resource-Constrained Teams

If you’re a sales enablement professional at a fast-growing company, “resource-constrained” is probably not an abstract notion to you. It’s a fact of life. Chances are, your company is hiring (or preparing to hire) new sales reps, all of whom need immediate sales onboarding and training. It’s also likely that your training team isn’t growing fast enough to keep pace with the influx of new talent. At some companies, the training department may comprise a “team of one,” where “never was so much owed by so many, to so few.” But with... Continue Reading

Modern Learning Is Tech-Driven and Peer-to-Peer

Timely access to relevant information is key to sales success. But locating that information when it’s needed most is often difficult (if not impossible), so reps wind up improvising in front of prospects. Many organizations spend large sums (to no avail) on national sales meetings and other training events to prevent this very situation from happening. Even worse, in sales reps’ personal lives, they enjoy instant access to a virtual universe of content. Forget the name of that actor from Game of Thrones? Google it. Need to assemble a complicated item or... Continue Reading