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4 Ways to Get your Salespeople Comfortable on Camera

A young Carly Simon once fainted head-first into a table full of businesspeople eating pasta because she was so overcome by stage fright. Performance anxiety can trip up even future mega stars, so it’s easy to see why a salesperson might not love the idea of their manager critiquing their performance on camera. Team members sensitive to getting on camera often experience anxiety at the thought of using a modern learning platform. Here’s some tips and tricks I’ve picked up which you can use to help them get more comfortable: Think YouTube,... Continue Reading

Allego’s Modern Learning Platform Drives Stronger Messaging for Becton Dickinson

The global medical technology company uses Allego to cost-effectively train its sales reps as well as boost message consistency in the field. This case study is from a presentation at LTEN 2018 titled “Changing the Learning Culture at Becton Dickinson with Mobile Video Technology” by Joe Baker, Sales Development and Training Manager for Becton Dickinson. September 2016 was the best of times and the most challenging of times for Joe Baker of Becton Dickinson. On the plus side, Baker’s business unit was enjoying rapid growth and gearing up for two new product... Continue Reading

The Era of Modern Learning Has Arrived

At the 2018 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, competitive eater Joey Chestnut set a new world record by downing 74 hot dogs in just 10 minutes. “Okay,” you say. “But what does Joey Chestnut have to do with sales learning?” Simple.  If your sales training and enablement strategy centers on sales kickoff meetings, boot camps or classroom sessions, you’re running the pedagogical equivalent of a hot dog eating contest.  At their core, competitive eating and conventional learning are premised on “unnatural acts.” Bite-Sized Learning Beats Cramming Without going into too much... Continue Reading

Modern Learning Tools Rescue Sales Onboarding for Resource-Constrained Teams

If you’re a sales enablement professional at a fast-growing company, “resource-constrained” is probably not an abstract notion to you. It’s a fact of life. Chances are, your company is hiring (or preparing to hire) new sales reps, all of whom need immediate sales onboarding and training. It’s also likely that your training team isn’t growing fast enough to keep pace with the influx of new talent. At some companies, the training department may comprise a “team of one,” where “never was so much owed by so many, to so few.” But with... Continue Reading