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To Optimize Onboarding Results, Wrap Your Program in Performance Milestones

In an earlier article, we examined The Top 5 Onboarding Blunders and how to avoid them. Obviously, it’s important to stop making these (and other) mistakes. But it’s just as important to start ensuring that your training delivers real-world results. Yes, you want to incorporate modern learning methodologies, but you also want to align these methods with performance milestones: time-sensitive goals that you want your new employees to reach. Think of your onboarding program as a hot dog, and performance milestones as the bun that wraps around the hot dog and protects... Continue Reading

3 Video Role-Play Strategies to Supercharge Your Sales Onboarding

An old superstition among people putting on theater productions says that bad dress rehearsals lead to great opening nights. Whether you’re superstitious or not, you can’t deny the value of getting mistakes out of the way during practice sessions. Once reps get out of sales onboarding and start actually selling there’s a lot on the line. It’s not the time to try out new techniques.   Role-playing, when done well, is one of the best methods to train, coach, and improve sales reps’ skills during sales onboarding. Sales managers, trainers and enablement... Continue Reading

Continuous and Bite-sized Learning Alleviates Sales Onboarding Stress

In the modern-day classic movie, “The Devil Wears Prada,” the main character’s first day on the job is a great example of how not to conduct sales onboarding.   Her first exposure to the company from which she excitedly accepted a recent offer, consists of an all-day onslaught of random demands from her boss: “Get me Isaac!” “Where’s my breakfast?” “Where’s that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning!?” While most new hires’ sales onboarding experience isn’t this extreme, it’s easy to overwhelm them with a firehose of expectations... Continue Reading

Sales Onboarding Certifications for Better Customer Conversations

You’d never send a rookie baseball player out onto the field without sizing up their game using team drills and scrimmages. In the same way, you don’t want to wait until after sales onboarding when a new batch of reps are already out in the field putting up low win rates and discounting heavily before you assess their ability to handle key components of customer conversations. By then, you’re already losing deals. Sales certification should play a critical role in the onboarding process, and modern learning tools empower sales enablement and training... Continue Reading