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Video Creation – No Master’s Degree Required

Today, smartphones and tablets give us the power to capture memories wherever and whenever they’re being made – no planning required. These same devices that allow us to capture special occasions allow business users to create videos just as easily and affordably.  A recent Aragon Research note, “Five predictions for Enterprise Video,” forecasts that by YE 2018, creating and editing a video will be as easy as editing a text document.  Imagine being able to create your own videos to share with your team, or with prospects and customers, without requiring additional... Continue Reading

So, Your New Star Sales Rep is Ready to Kill Their Number. Now What?

Too often, the hiring and training of B2B sales reps is a plug-and-play exercise designed to fill a staffing gap, and treated by management as a death-and-taxes necessity rather than an opportunity to optimize a given territory. This is because sales leaders legitimately understand that every week that goes by with an account uncalled, gives the competition easy opportunities to swoop in and steal business. As a result, plugging the sales staffing dam with a new rep or channel partner, and onboarding them as quickly as possible, becomes an understandably rushed set... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Make Onboarding Sales Reps More Effective

Attracting the right candidates for sales positions takes skill and persistence, but keeping your new hires happy and engaged can be even more challenging. In an area where it’s notoriously difficult to retain A-players, it’s essential that new sales hires get started off on the right foot in order to reduce turnover and increase productivity. A study conducted by PWC tells us that nearly one in three newly hired employees leaves the company voluntarily or involuntarily before the end of their first year. And the cost of employee turnover is significant, estimated at... Continue Reading

Using Video to Improve Sales Success

The most common challenge I hear from national sales managers is that they spend a fortune on live training events such as national sales meetings, yet their reps’ retention of new corporate and product information is almost nonexistent just weeks later. Sound familiar? Traditional sales training methods – online certifications, boot camps, and event-based training programs – are fundamentally broken because sales reps don’t absorb and retain the key information and skills that will enable them to be competitive in today’s buyer-driven discussions. In the digital era, sales teams simply can’t maximize... Continue Reading