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Three Big Advances in the New Allego 4.3

Selling has evolved, and the bar is always rising. Engaging hyper-informed buyers requires insight, yet the traditional sales learning paradigm often remains focused on basic product knowledge. Organizations invest heavily but struggle to truly impact customer conversations because traditional sales training is usually incomplete. Flying to HQ for a three day firehose of Powerpoint no longer suffices; reps need to acquire new knowledge, absorb it into long-term memory, and be able to quickly grab high-impact refreshers at the exact time and place of need. Allego’s sales learning platform addresses all three of... Continue Reading

One Reason Sales Training Misses (But Doesn’t Have To)

We know sales training is critical. Experience, as well as actual studies, tells us that investing in training improves sales performance. Yet companies battle the perception that their sales training programs stink. An incredible 96% of reps and managers we surveyed felt their company’s program was ineffective (ouch). Why? Are we not investing enough? Are we investing in the wrong places? The answer lies in why companies spend so much more on training for sales than for other functions. Marketing Training? Finance Training? …Not too Often Selling is the lifeblood of any... Continue Reading

Sales Learning Survey Results: Reps vs. Managers

Ever get the feeling your salespeople aren’t quite seeing the importance of something you know is crucial? Many of us have experienced it. Misalignment is an ever-present issue in business.  Managers are battling it constantly — like Thor and Loki, or Listerine and bad breath.  Fortunately, a recent survey by Allego and the Sales Management Association (SMA) sheds some light on misalignment in the realm of sales learning. Where Opinions Differ A gap exists between what sales managers and reps view as important.  Training topics are bound to hold different meaning for... Continue Reading

A Single Trick You Learned in 3rd Grade Can Help You Master Sales

At this point we’ve probably all heard the advice about cramming the night before a big test: You’re wasting your time since the human brain isn’t equipped to take on so much information at once. You would do better to relax and get a good night’s sleep. This actually isn’t true. There is a common misconception that cramming the night before is the wrong way to go about acing a test.  According to Robert Bjork, psychology department chair at UCLA and a top expert in human learning and memory, cramming can actually... Continue Reading