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top sales enablement webinars
January 6, 2023

Top 5 Sales Enablement Webinars for 2023

top sales enablement webinars


2023—It’s a new year with new sales goals and expectations. You can’t help but feel hopeful. But you need more than hope to achieve those goals. You need a strategy and must address challenges that could prevent your team from succeeding.

  • How can your sales team do more with fewer resources?
  • What’s the most effective way to train your reps and get them selling faster?
  • How do you ensure your sellers use the content that marketing creates?
  • Do your sales reps have the skills to sell in virtual or hybrid settings?

To help you answer those questions, develop solutions, and begin implementing sales success strategies, we pulled together five of Allego’s top sales enablement webinars. In them, our guests offer proven strategies to ensure sales teams persist in what’s expected to be a turbulent year, as well as grow revenue and drive success.

Top 5 Sales Enablement Webinars

Do More with Less: Driving Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness in a Recession

Like households, companies have discovered their dollars don’t go as far as they used to. Budgets are flat (if not less), and it costs more to run a business. At the same time, they need to work harder to sell their products and services.

In this climate, winning sales teams will change their strategy to become more efficient and effective. Their first step is to reevaluate how they train, coach, and enable reps. Because what worked in the past is no longer sufficient for today’s sellers.

Top-performing sales teams will provide customer-driven, personalized buyer experiences. They’ll enhance their coaching to meet the needs of a hybrid sales force. And they will help sellers become more agile and responsive to buyer requests.

Allego’s Bob Basiliere, VP of Sales, and Deniz Olcay, Senior Director of Product Marketing, delved into the issues during this webinar and identified three ways organizations can modernize their sales enablement, help teams sell more, and spend less doing so:

  • Incorporate agile learning: Deliver bite-sized lessons and share peer insights aligned to the sales process.
  • Provide targeted coaching: Use an AI-powered conversation intelligence tool to analyze sales calls and offer coaching advice.
  • Consolidate your sales technology stack: As technologies converge, sales teams need fewer tools.

>> Watch the webinar to learn more about how to make your sales team more efficient and generate more revenue.


How Sellers Really Want to Learn

Sales reps in general are not huge fans of training programs. They would much rather be calling prospects and meeting with buyers. At the same time, though, training programs help ensure they have the right skills to succeed.

The solution: Implement a sales training program that offers skills and flexibility.

In this webinar, Deniz Olcay, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Allego; Katharine Wilson, Senior Manager, Global Solutions Onboarding Strategy at Salesforce; and David Dulany, Founder & CEO at Tenbound, all expressed a need for training to accommodate sellers’ schedules.

Scheduling is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sales training hurdles. Several underlying conditions contribute to a seller’s reluctance, from Zoom fatigue to feeling like the training isn’t relevant. Watch as our guests discuss what they say are the top six challenges and offer their solutions.

>> Watch the webinar to learn more about how to create a successful sales training program.


How to Create Content that Sellers Use and Won’t Ignore

Sales teams face a content paradox: 60% of sellers and buyers complain they don’t have the content they need, yet 70% of sales content provided by marketing is never used.

What’s going on? Jake Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Allego, joined me for this webinar to provide insight into the issue. We explained how top-performing organizations manage content and provided steps you can take now to solve the content use problem.

Great sales content:

  • Connects buyers and sellers
  • Moves deals through the pipeline faster
  • Engages buyers at every stage of the sales process
  • Keeps sellers informed
  • Provides resources for effective conversations with buyers

To achieve these benefits, sales and marketing need to work together to create the content.

  • Marketing must understand what type of content sellers need
  • Content must be put into context (when and how sellers should use it)
  • Sellers must be able to quickly locate the content
  • Marketing must track content use

Think of it as a content lifecycle in which content creators collaborate with sellers in the field to create agile content—time-sensitive content developed quickly by sellers and subject matter experts, Miller said.

>> Watch the webinar to learn how to create, activate, and manage sales content.


Agile Content Strategies to Win Both Your Buyers and Sellers

To help sales teams better understand the benefits of agile content, we enlisted the help of Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester. During the webinar, Ramos shared the results of a study conducted by Forrester and Allego, showing how agile content improves client engagement and drives sales efficiency.

“Highly agile firms were 90% more likely than low-agility respondents to beat their revenue goals over the past 12 months and 74% more likely to have sales teams reach their quotas over the same time,” according to the study.

There’s no denying the benefits, but how do you create it? Start by understanding the definition: Agile content leverages video and modular design to enhance customer experience through engagement and curation. And agile content strategies allow sellers to create and customize sales and marketing content in real time to coach sellers and engage and convert prospective buyers.

To create an agile content strategy, Ramos recommended starting with these two things:

  • Leveraging video to help reps share knowledge and advice
  • Incorporating best practice sharing into your selling culture

She also provided several agile content examples to help you chart a path to more effective content use and outcomes.

>> Watch the webinar to learn how to create your agile content strategy.


5 Essential Virtual Selling Practices Every Company Must Have by 2023

Yes, the title of this webinar says “by 2023,” but it’s never too late to make sure your sales team has virtual selling skills. Because virtual selling is not going away—even though some in-person meetings and activities have returned.

It’s also important to understand that virtual selling involves your marketing team, sales coaches, sales trainers, and sales enablement. As Erika Bzdel, VP of Sales at Allego, and I discussed in this webinar, virtual sales success requires new ways of thinking.

During the pandemic—when virtual selling really took off—we’ve seen what tactics work, Bzdel said.

“We now have evidence that virtual selling, when you do it well, can shorten your deal cycles up to 50% all while building rapport, increasing buyer engagement, and creating efficiencies for both the sellers and the buyers,” she said

What does “do it well” mean? We answered the question during the webinar and shared 5 virtual selling practices that top-performing companies have implemented.

>> Watch the webinar to learn the five essential virtual selling practices.


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