Customer Case Study

eSentire Accelerates Time to First Sale in First Year Using Allego

Location: Waterloo, Ontario
Company Size: 201-500
Industry: High Tech / Cybersecurity
Founded: 2001

eSentire is the authority in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), maintaining one of the most secure and robust IT environments of any provider in the industry. The cybersecurity company based out of Canada is responsible for safeguarding the reputations and critical processes of more than 1,200 organizations in 75+ countries, including many top retail, financial services, and manufacturing firms.

Digital Transformation

Situation: Personalizing New Hire Onboarding at Scale

In order to adapt to the new hybrid work landscape, cybersecurity authority eSentire needed to address the personalized learning needs of a salesforce comprised of multiple different cohorts with varying backgrounds and levels of experience.

Makenzie Van Eyk, the manager of sales learning and development at eSentire, was in charge of transforming eSentire’s onboarding experience into a personalized learning journey for each of its 120 sellers.

‘We needed to personalize the learning experience and we have sellers coming in with all different types of experience. Some of our sellers have never sold cybersecurity before. Some have been selling IT services for 20 years and they’re just trying to understand the space, but they’ve got selling down pat. So we needed to create learning programs and a framework that supported all of them.”

“We had all of our new sellers, who are extremely green, all on the board with a sale in their first quarter. That had never happened before.”

Makenzie Van Eyk | Manager of Sales Learning and Development

Challenge: Enhancing Employee Experience With a Lean Team

With an enablement team of only six people, Van Eyk had to find ways to leverage her existing resources in order to be able to scale the level of personalization her onboarding program required.

“We run a very lean sales enablement team. So I’m always looking for subject matter experts and content creators and being able to utilize those people within our onboarding programs to help those cohorts.”

Relying on these internal resources has not only benefited eSentire’s lean enablement team, but in turn its subject matter experts as well. One of the Sales Solution Architects at eSentire found how much time the sales learning and enablement platform saves him. He uses Allego to record bite-sized videos of how to’s, best practices, and FAQ’s that Mason could incorporate into her new hire learning programs.

“He never repeats himself anymore. He says it once, he says it here, it lives forever. When he has someone join in six months, they get that same message he gave out in that meeting that day.” eSentire is now able to easily scale their success by leveraging the expertise of these early champions as the source for enhancing their onboarding programs over time.

Van Eyk works closely with their customer success team and sellers to collect feedback on what’s working and what isn’t, using trial and error to reorganize and create new content so they are continuing to evolve and meet the needs of their employees.

“I would ask a lot of reps, “Hey, what did you go to? What page do you use the most?” And I would select a few of them and just ask them, “Is this working?”

Van Eyk could also leverage data and assessments using Allego to better understand how to structure each of their learning programs for specific teams and individuals in order to help them experience and build confidence in utilizing a broad range of skill sets. “People can really feel confident in what they’re learning, but also feel that learning was really personalized for them and where they’re at on that journey.”

Solution: Building a Successful Culture Through Learning

Within their first year with Allego, eSentire began using the platform for their entire salesforce, their customer success teams, as well as a couple of other departments. It was important for eSentire to build a successful culture through learning to keep their employees engaged, while also integrating the importance of evolving the employee experience.

To attract new hires to engage with Allego, they were first tasked to create an “all-about-me” video on their first day. Since many of the reps did not get a chance to meet right away, Van Eyk created team channels where she added these videos to help welcome them to their learning program.

“Personalization has been key for us because I wanted to show them why they wanted to come to Allego. So I needed to make the content and my exercises about them. Right away they feel, “Wow, this learning program is for me. These are the people I’m meeting this week. That’s who’s on my calendar. Perfect.” And then if we keep building like that, they know Allego is a staple, I need to go here.”

eSentire also leverages Allego as a communication tool, using it as a vehicle to distribute a weekly communication newsletter to deliver important updates to the organization. These newsletters feature new hire videos when they join the company to help welcome them to the team. Van Eyk created a channel within Allego with the purpose of encouraging employees to go in, type in a name, and learn more about their cohorts in order to build a sense of connectivity.

Results: Transforming Onboarding into Everboarding

In the wake of the Great Resignation, employee well being and retention is a critical factor to success. Van Eyk noticed that some of eSentire’s highly skilled sellers wanted to know what was coming next in Allego. In response, Van Eyk created additional self-paced learning, mentorship programs and even a full management learning program to support employees who wanted to advance their careers at eSentire.

“If we spot an SDR who wants to start a career as an account executive, they can start the learning program. That interview to become a seller looks so much better because they say “I’ve done all the coursework, it’s done. There’s a full management learning program.”

Van Eyk attributes the growing attraction of Allego across different parts of the company due to word of mouth. “They have heard the news that our onboarding program is the best in the business,” she says, “people are just excited to have it. And the tool really supports them.”

As the company continues their journey with Allego, they have already seen early signals of success. On top of all of the positive feedback they have received, eSentire is already seeing the business results Allego has driven within the first year of using the platform.

“We had all of our new sellers, who are extremely green, all on the board with a sale in their first quarter. That had never happened before.”

Traditionally only having hired sellers with previous cybersecurity experience, eSentire has shifted their approach. They plan to bring in an additional 400 employees over the next 24 months. Van Eyk is confident that the different types of learning programs they have built out in Allego will be able to support a more diverse set of new employees carrying all different types of skill sets and selling backgrounds.

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