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Modern Sales Learning for the Modern Selling Environment

Across manufacturing, media, energy, telecommunications, business services, healthcare and every other business, the learning environment sales teams face is far more dynamic than for any other corporate function. Products evolve, markets change constantly, competitive messaging must be countered, and customers demand immediate responses. No wonder 96% of the sales pros we surveyed said traditional training can’t keep up.

Only a modern approach to sales learning and readiness that combines mobile, video and peer technology with learning science can ensure reps have the skills and timely knowledge to make the most of each customer interaction.

Modern Learning for the Modern Selling Environment

Allego’s modern sales learning and readiness platform elevates sales team performance by combining training, practice, coaching and knowledge sharing into one app, streamlined for the rapid pace of sales.

Onboard New Hires Faster

Improve time to productivity by amplifying training sessions with on-demand videos, personalized coaching, and point-in-time feedback.

Learn What’s Needed, When Needed

Instead of cramming everything reps might need at yearly training sessions, Allego provides easy access to knowledge on-demand. Reps learn on the fly, in the field, by grabbing the knowledge they need, when they need it.

Increase Sales Knowledge

Rapidly share market insights from experts in the home office and best practices from high-performing sales peers.

Consumer App Ease of Use

If you can use Netflix, you can use Allego. Salespeople “get it” right away, without formal training or quitting in frustration. It just takes a few taps to find and learn what you need.

Doug Wiegand, Regional Manager Sales Lead at Precision Planting, describes how Precision Planting uses Allego to train sellers in the field and speed the flow of information from technical experts to improve responsiveness.

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