Agile Sales Readiness Platform

A Modern Online Sales Training Platform

Agile Sales Readiness Platform

Allego App

Allego elevates sales performance by combining learning, content, and collaboration into one application, delivered in the flow of sales reps’ daily work and streamlined for the rapid pace of sales.

With Allego sales organizations:
  • Rapidly share new insights, best practices, and sales collateral
  • Deliver a personalized and continuous learning experience
  • Employ bite-sized video for higher engagement and absorption
  • Maximize sellers’ time with fast, simple mobile experiences
  • Gain visibility into seller competencies and content effectiveness

Allego’s sales learning and readiness platform is:
  • Designed for sales teams – fast and mobile, with consumer app ease of use
  • Scalable and flexible to support enterprise growth and change
  • Complete, supporting all modes of sales learning in a single platform

Allego’s agile sales readiness platform provides:
  • Field Insights
    Reps share best practices and winning strategies by capturing high-quality videos with one touch from virtually any device
  • Sales Readiness
    Reps access relevant content and learning from any device, with recommendation feeds, CRM playbooks, and advanced search
  • Rapid Field Updates
    SMEs and other experts deliver engaging video updates with key information when important changes occur
  • Video Coaching
    Managers coach reps more frequently using video role play and point-in-time audio and text feedback
  • Just-in-time Learning
    Reps access the content need on demand while initiating discussion threads and Q&A right within videos
  • Personalized Learning
    Trainers provide courses and reinforcement drills using formal and peer content tailored to individuals using Al
  • Content Management
    Organizations manage, distribute, and track sales collateral, playbooks, agile content, and training content
  • Robust Analytics
    Teams understand content effectiveness, sale readiness, and prospect engagement using analytics and dashboards