All-in-One Sales Content Management Kit

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Learn how to Organize, Manage, and Activate Content to Accelerate Sales

Do your sellers have the right sales and marketing content? Can they find it when they need it?

Statistics show when you equip your sales team with the right content, they sell more confidently, effectively, and efficiently. Win rates go up.

But research also reveals that 60-70% of sales and marketing content is never used (SiriusDecisions). Why not?

  • Sellers don’t know there is new content and keep using old pieces
  • Sellers can’t find new content when they need it
  • Sellers don’t really like the content
  • Sellers don’t know how to use the content

If you’ve been trapped in a legacy approach to sales content creation and management, there’s a better way.

sales content management kit

Find out how you can organize, manage, and activate content—that your sales team will love. You’ll get everything you need in this kit:

  • The Complete Guide to Sales Content Management – Learn innovative tactics for creating and organizing critical sales materials
  • Content Checklist – Get examples of four essential content types
  • Quick Reference Guide – Use this template to plan and share sales content with your sellers
  • Content Business Brief – Learn how to evaluate sales content management platforms
  • Case Study – See how our customer uses Allego to deliver content at sellers’ moment of need

Allego has helped hundreds of sales organizations deliver results. That’s why we created the All-in-One Sales Content Management Kit.

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