John Hancock Expands their Content Creator Pool

Greg Loehr, Instructional Designer at John Hancock Life, discusses how the various internal personnel have come to leverage Allego to create and share content to their sales personnel.

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One of the other cool things that we started to see with Allego was that we started to expand our content creator pool. Okay. Like I said, when I first came on board, it was a couple of trainers doing Brainsharks. And then I started creating content with our e-learning designer. And then now, when we look at, even though it’s just me, and I’m the Allego guy, so to say, we have two guys from product that are now creating content. They’ve got their own little show going.

Let’s say a new product comes out, they come up with their own video, they push it out, what they also will do is if our competitors do something they will react to it and push out a video and say, “Here’s how we respond to that,” okay.

Another great thing about that is that you have the product expert talking directly to the salesperson and saying, “Hey, here’s why our product works the best in these circumstances, or where might it not,” which is another thing the sales folks want to be aware of.

We also have some managers who will, they just want to get something out. They will just take a PowerPoint and record over it. So it’s nothing exciting but for them it’s how quickly can I get content to these people, instead of having to go through me and figure out what we’re going to do, they just do it and it’s again, it’s a quick easy upload.

One of the cool things that we’re doing is getting best practices from the regional vice presidents, the guys in the field. Even though these guys give a million presentations a year, sometimes they don’t want to do video, sometimes they don’t want to take the time to do the video, so in terms of meeting them where they’re at I say look, “We’ll just make this very simple for you, okay. Just take your iPad, and hit the record button, set it on the table, right, I know it’s video in the ceiling, but that’s okay. We’re not going to use that part, “And just sit there and give me your spiel.” Okay. So they’re done, click the button and then they can share the video to me and then I can download the video from Allego, there’s an export feature called download as mp4.

So I download the video, take out the video in the ceiling, because we don’t need, add in some graphics to match it and voila, we now have a best practices video that goes right back up to Allego and sits on the best practices channel.

So for us, it takes the person in the field five or 10 minutes. They don’t have to worry about this, that or the other thing. I tell them, “Hey, if you screw up, just pause, go back and redo that sentence and then I’ll edit that out,” so they don’t have to worry about any sort of editing.

We also capture best practices at the national sales meetings. Take the videos of those, put them on the best practices channel. It’s a piece of cake.

And then the last one I have up here is we’re doing one time a month, two times a month we get the folks from advanced markets to host a call, go through a bunch of content, we record that, either in Skype or Webex or whatever it’s going be, and then we can post those to Allego in just a matter of minutes.

So when you look at it, we’ve gone from two trainers, kind of this two dimensional kind of educational material to a lot of different places, a lot of different people, and I know that we would be hard pressed to do it in other LMS’s, especially as easy as it is for us to upload things to Allego.


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