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Allego Introduces Flash Drills: Game-Like Learning for Mastery and Tracking of Sales Skills

Expands just-in-time learning, reinforcement learning, and curriculum learning capabilities to offer the most comprehensive mobile-video sales learning platform available

Needham, MA – December 6, 2016 – Allego, the leading mobile-video sales learning platform, today announced the release of Allego 4.0, which includes the highly anticipated “Flash Drills” feature – a new reinforcement learning capability that will enable sales reps to better retain knowledge and achieve short- and long-term sales skills mastery through the game-like use of flashcards and spaced-repetition learning. Sales managers can also create Courses – structured curriculum learning that follows an automated syllabus of video and e-learning content, complete with embedded recording exercises and inline quizzes – all within a single integrated platform. These enhancements not only boost sales-team performance but also provide sales managers in-depth understanding of their reps’ skill levels and mastery of topics, providing actionable intelligence to help their organizations more effectively prepare teams to sell productively.

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“We built the Allego platform on the premise that traditional sales training processes were outdated, and too often reps were left in the dark when it came to cultivating new skills and product knowledge,” said Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego. “The new Flash Drills and Courses capabilities further empower reps to take learning into their own hands, making sales learning a fun and team-wide initiative that can take place whenever and wherever reps need it most. Additionally, the analytics provided in these new features give managers confidence that their reps have achieved the level of mastery they need to sell successfully.”

Organizations increasingly recognize the need to improve outmoded sales training practices, and mobile-video has emerged as the preferred way to provide reps with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Allego’s just-in-time sales learning platform enables companies to collect, curate and distribute the most relevant and timely sales content and insights from the field. It also helps maximize remote collaboration through role-play and video-based practice, promoting continuous learning and improving sales performance.

With Flash Drills, sales teams can sharpen their skills and product knowledge with just a few minutes of daily flashcards and quizzes. This reinforcement learning technique allows sales managers to emphasize product knowledge and sales messaging regularly. Moreover, it provides them with the assurance that reps are retaining skills and product knowledge. Allego’s detailed reports supply executives with insights into knowledge gaps, enabling prescriptive actions that ensure optimal sales performance.

Specific capabilities of Allego’s Flash Drills include:

  • Custom processes and tools allow managers to author flashcards in bulk, including importing from Excel® spreadsheets, or allowing a wide range of users to contribute short videos and examples.
  • Push notification or email alerts remind reps to practice using flashcards in intelligently spaced intervals. Additionally, intelligence capabilities enable Allego to identify improvement areas and drill reps on problem areas, as well as occasionally remind them of facts they know.
  • Automated video game-like accolades engage users and encourage participation, while progress read-outs keep reps and sales managers apprised of progress and mastery.
  • Reporting features to monitor Flash Drills performance and participation by topic, team, and individual rep using heat maps. Reports can track various groups and time periods to allow for comparisons over time and across teams.

Allego’s new Courses feature enables managers to:

  • Build and share video series in a predictable sequence, like a playlist.
  • Embed video quizzes, recording exercises, inline comments and manager tips to personalize lesson plans for individuals or teams.
  • Track sales reps progress through the auto-advancing course, and provide accolades to encourage participation.

“B-to-b sales professionals can’t be expected to pay attention to anything that doesn’t directly impact the deals they are currently endeavoring to close,” said Peter Ostrow, Research Director for SiriusDecisions’ Sales Enablement Service. “We see the most successful organizations deploying micro- and nano-learning solutions that literally find reps where they live, both physically and metaphorically. Video-based training and reinforcement tools that support real-time sales rep activities support this need directly.”

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Allego provides an intuitive sales learning platform that boosts sales performance by harnessing the power of mobile devices to transform enablement and training through video content sharing. With Allego’s mobile-first platform, organizations can create and curate the best content from the field and corporate office to better train and collaborate with distributed sales teams, without the time and expense typically associated with in-field coaching or on-site training. Users can easily access relevant, quality content, anytime, anywhere, allowing them to capture their best ideas, master their pitch and accelerate their performance. Tens of thousands of global users across a range of industries have adopted Allego to improve sales success. Explore further at

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