Forrester Playbook: Build a Business Case For Modern Sales Enablement

B2B sales have changed. Your business must evolve to compete. New sales enablement tools can accelerate pipeline, streamline processes, and deliver better results.

The ROI of implementing a modern sales enablement toolset is huge—666% according to Forrester. But only 5% of B2B companies have fully mature sales enablement practices.

You can’t afford not to upgrade your sales enablement tech stack. If you’re a B2B organization that wants to transform experiences for buyers, sellers, and marketers, now is the time to look beyond CRM to modern enablement tools.

Download Forrester’s Sales Enablement Playbook—designed to help you navigate the new world of sales enablement and readiness technologies—and learn how to build a case for modern sales enablement.


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  • Benefits of sales engagement, sales enablement automation, and sales readiness tools
  • Economic impact on your organization and the ROI of a modern enablement toolset
  • How today’s tools can help ensure a competitive advantage – now and in the future
  • and much more

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