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Many companies invest time and money into the hiring process, then neglect to develop an efficient strategy for onboarding new reps. Several factors cause this to happen, such as the challenges of bringing reps up to speed on complex products and matching onboarding with the pace at which a company is growing. 

The result? Wasted investments, wasted time, and overall poor performance.

When onboarding and training programs are easy to adopt, convenient, scalable, and reinforce learnings, they can be the difference-maker your company needs to hit targets.

Watch this on-demand recording to hear from Andy Durstock, Vice President, Patient Outcomes and Clinical Effectiveness at Inspire Medical Systems, about how he reduced new hire ramp time, scaled his onboarding to a hybrid workforce, and made selling a complex product not so complex.

You’ll learn:

  • How Inspire Medical Systems streamlines onboarding for 10-15 new hires each month
  • Best practices for structuring foundational and ongoing training
  • Why flash drills and bite-sized videos are essential for accelerating employee growth
  • Common challenges you may face when scaling enablement efforts, and how to avoid them

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Andy Durstock, VP, Patient Outcomes & Clinical Effectiveness, Inspire Medical Systems






Dan King, Senior Account Executive, Allego



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