OnDemand Webinar

OnDemand Webinar: The Fractured State of Enterprise Sales Enablement and Training

Sales managers and representatives alike agree the sales training process at their company is inherently flawed.


Join Allego’s featured speakers Melyssa Plunkett-Gomez, Sales Executive, and Jennifer Kady, Marketing Executive, as they present key findings from Allego’s Inaugural Sales Enablement and Training Survey, including:

  • The disconnect between current sales enablement programs and what’s actually needed to drive performance in the field
  • How sales training is most frequently conducted vs. how sales reps prefer to learn
  • The role of mobile in sales training
  • The importance of collaboration and capturing not only corporate but also field-generated, peer-to-peer insights

You’ll also hear how customers using new enablement technologies, like Allego’s just-in-time sales learning platform, are making sales enablement and training more productive, leading to improved sales performance.

About the Speakers

Melyssa Plunkett-Gomez
Sales Executive

Melyssa Plunkett-Gomez oversees sales and business development efforts at Allego. Melyssa specializes in early-stage business development, sales strategy and product-market positioning. She has spent 20 years in the high tech industry, with leadership roles in sales, customer experience, strategic alliances and operations. Melyssa has worked with globally distributed sales and marketing organizations to successfully adopt new and innovative technologies.

Jennifer Kady
Marketing Executive

Jennifer Kady spearheads Allego’s marketing efforts, including branding, inside sales, demand generation, public relations, social media and digital efforts. She has extensive experience building strong marketing teams that drive company and product success from launch through to IPO or acquisition.