Conversation Intelligence

After onboarding, validating how training translates to real-world scenarios becomes challenging. With Allego Conversation Intelligence, you can understand how your training programs are being applied in real sales scenarios in order to enhance every outcome. 

Supercharge your sales readiness with Allego Conversation Intelligence!

With Allego Conversation Intelligence, you can:

  • Align and enhance training efforts with real-time insights from sales calls
  • Improve rep productivity with automated note-taking and generativeAI call summaries
  • Notify managers in real-time when select terms or phrases occur during calls
  • Get actionable deal intelligence to understand buyer behavior on active deals
  • Facilitate peer learning and acculturation with access to top performer calls
  • Deliver tailored learning and actionable coaching in real-time using genAI

Ready to elevate your revenue enablement and training programs with real-time insights, personalized coaching, and data-driven strategies?

Take Allego’s Conversation Intelligence tour and learn how to capitalize on the valuable insights necessary for reps’ improvement.

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