Allego Modern Content Management

According to McKinsey, 70% of sellers ignore content created by marketing. With content scattered across multiple systems, reps can’t find what they need and struggle to understand what’s relevant.

Discover, Customize, Share, and Track Content in the Flow of Work!

Enter Allego Modern Content Management! It’s time to reduce the clutter and equip reps with a single source of truth for them to easily locate the content they need.

With Allego Modern Content Management, you can:

  • Guide reps with video explainers and AI-powered content recommendations
  • Embed access to content within priority sales tools and preferred workflows
  • Enable reps to customize and share approved content with prospects
  • Leverage powerful analytics to understand what content is driving revenue
  • Share timely, crowd-sourced insights to stay one step ahead of competitors
  • Personalize and create exceptional buyer experiences with Digital Sales Rooms

Ready to improve the impact of your content and messaging and understand which content lifts sales?

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