The Complete Guide to Change Management: Best Practices for Sales Enablement Leaders

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Harvard Business Review reports that 70% of all change initiatives fail.

Sales, marketing, and sales enablement leaders must get comfortable with change management to lead effectively. Technology transformation comes with unique challenges.

Whether you’re transitioning from a legacy platform or consolidating multiple tools, selecting the right solution is only half of the battle.

Your biggest hurdle still looms: user adoption. Without a comprehensive plan for implementing new tech, your users won’t use it to its fullest potential. This will impact revenue down the road.

Effective change management can help ensure a successful transition. This guide will dive into the 5 principles of change management and 12 best practices to drive user adoption.

complete guide to change management

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  • 5 principles of change management for sales enablement technology
  • 12 best practices to drive user adoption to get the most value from your tech investment
  • Tactics to get from your current state to successful deployment
  • Proven ways to ensure maximum user engagement
  • 4 case studies of how companies have achieved behavior change and true value

BONUS: You also get our Change Management Success Checklist to guide your new tech implementation.

Download The Complete Guide to Change Management to ensure a smooth transition from a legacy software system to a new one and minimize the risks associated with change.

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