The Sales Coaching Handbook

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Tools, Techniques, and Tactics for Professionals


There’s a lot of sales coaching advice out there. Unfortunately, most of it is old and, in some cases, downright wrong.

In The Sales Coaching Handbook, we help set the record straight, starting with defining what sales coaching is—and what it is not—and how today’s technology-enabled sales coaching compares with past techniques.

You’ll also discover what top sales coaches do to boost motivation, increase focus, and supercharge the performance of sales teams. The eBook is also packed with actionable advice detailing how you can take these techniques and embed them across your sales team.

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  • 7 Qualities of top sales coaches
  • Sales coaching techniques, plus ideas for implementing them
  • 2 Strategies for measuring sales coaching performance
  • How to create a sales coaching culture
  • How to get teams to buy into self-development

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