Allego is derived from the word Allegory –

a short story with a point.

About Allego

How do you make a lasting impression on a prospect or customer? How do you ensure that pitch is consistent across all reps in your organization? How do you tell your story?

With over 40,000 global users, the Allego team has developed a sales enablement and learning platform that addresses a critical market need – just-in-time learning – where traditional sales training and tools fall far short. Allego transforms the way organizations capture the most relevant knowledge from the field, enable sales to absorb and master pitch consistency, and accelerate overall performance.   By enhancing the way sales reps tell their story to their customers and prospects, Allego impacts business results.

Harnessing the power of mobile devices and the ability of video to increase knowledge absorption, we deliver an intuitive just-in-time learning platform coupled with a proven methodology that ensures customer success and adoption.


At Allego, we fundamentally believe that:



Allego isn’t just a tool that you use for training 4x per year on new product releases or to complete a few video assignments, it is a technology enabler that allows your sales organization to transform the way that it does business. … Allego makes it easy to create and consume video to make just-in-time continuous learning a real part of your everyday work experience.”

-Ruby Kennedy, Director of Operations, Allego