Modern Sales Content Management

Allego ensures content utilization by empowering organizations with sales content management designed for content activation and attribution.

Content in Context

Your sales reps are busy, so they need easy access to the right content at the right time. However, without context surrounding how to best utilize that content in sales interactions, reps often feel more comfortable sticking to the older content pieces they already know, even if they are not the best fit for the current need.

With Allego, you can activate your sales collateral with relevant and meaningful talk tracks from top sales people, associated FAQs based on field experience, and win reports highlighting the best use of the collateral so every rep utilizes the content you’ve worked so hard to produce.

Prescriptive and Intelligent

Recent studies show organizations struggle to drive organic rep adoption of many popular sales content management tools.

Give your reps prescriptive content recommendations based on sales stage, competitors and other deal factors from within your CRM system or sales playbooks in the Allego mobile app. Show reps how others have successfully utilized a given presentation or content piece and give them the means to personalize content delivery from any device for an end-to-end virtual selling experience.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Leveraging the expertise and opinions of Sellers during the content creation process is the best way to ensure content utilization and adoption. Additionally, product launches, regulatory updates, and other events happen too quickly for Marketers to keep the sales force up to speed on evolving messaging and content as things change.

With Allego, Marketers can easily leverage the expertise of Sellers and buyers to zero in on the messaging, concepts, and language that resonates in market and drives success. From there, they can capture and share bite-sized videos, demos, and content explainers in minutes, ensuring that reps are always armed with the latest content knowledge to make the most of every piece available.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Content Effectiveness

Quantitative data on content performance is key, but sometimes the only way to find out why messaging or collateral works is to hear about it from the field or watch Sellers using it. But that’s easier said than done, right?

With Allego, it is easy. Allego gives reps an instant feedback mechanism to share vital information with Marketing about what’s working, what’s missing, and what’s needed. Marketers get unprecedented visibility into content effectiveness through quantitative and qualitative data. Marketers can even watch live recordings of content being used in prospect interactions and jump to a given message or content piece to understand the “ground truth” about the content they’re producing.

Asynchronous Video Meeting Discussions

Engaging Enablement

It’s not just reps who need the latest information. When things change quickly–new thought leadership materials, market fluctuations, regulatory updates, world events, etc.— salespeople use Allego SCM to create personalized video messages to contextualize content for their prospects and then track viewership.

Knowing the impact of external communications helps reps prioritize follow-up and understand whether content has achieved its intended impact.

Schedule Time

360-Degree Visibility

Robust analytics and dashboards give you insight into which sales content and collateral pieces are moving the needle, but Allego SCM takes it a step further—organizations also use Allego to understand the training, exercises, knowledge assets, and sales conversation topics associated with success.

Reps use real-time alerts and content tracking to understand prospect viewing behavior and prioritize next steps.


  • Native video content capture
  • Intelligent recommendations of content and learning assets combined
  • Content delivered to CRM based on prospects and buyer information
  • Automated CRM logging and tracking of content sharing
  • Scalable content administration for global and regional enterprise teams
  • Powerful content maintenance and expirations
  • Add dynamic elements to existing assets or author evergreen content from scratch
  • Gated prospect resource hubs
  • PowerPoint, PDF, documents, video, and additional file formats
  • Content personalization for sellers
  • Robust content analytics and dashboards for internal and external engagement
  • Collaborative content creation and sourcing
  • Video communications and newsletter content

For the first time I can actually see behaviorally how people are articulating the messages we are trying to teach. We can see where we need to focus more training, or whether our training is even hitting the mark.

Michael Carpenter Manager of Sales Readiness IT, Tableau / Tableau

I can tie $1.6 million of additional revenue to Allego. And hard numbers aside, my wholesalers tell me that regularly seeing each other’s faces through the Allego videos helps them overcome the loneliness they sometimes experience in the field, and that they feel more connected to one another than they have in 20 years working together.

Mike McGlothlin EVP / Ash Brokerage

Instead of having to bring over a third of our reps back into the home office to re-certify, we were able to drive to a 100% success rate on the MFS Investment Process Story.

John Heroux Director of Learning and Development / MFS

We’ve had 100% sales adoption with about 48,000 peer views on the platform in the first 12 months. But for me, the biggest impact is the behavioral and cultural shift that we’ve undergone in the organization.

Head of Learning and Development / Global Asset Management Firm

Out of the gate, we started to see immediate adoption in the field. Over the last 90 days, 93% of all users have accessed Allego voluntarily at least once. We’ve logged almost 200,000 video views.

Travis Hecker Senior Manager of Global Sales Training / Abbott Laboratories

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