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Deliver the content sellers need to delight buyers with experiences they love.

Drive Sales Content Adoption & Impact

Empower reps with contextual content engagement tools designed for the modern buyer

Organize and Manage Content

Centralize & Distribute Content Easily. Centralize your content and ensure reps find what they need every time using predictive search, filterable content collections and AI-powered deal content recommendations in CRM.
Capture Agile Content. Empower Marketers, SMEs, sellers to create content with the click of a button – record your screen, slides, or video.
Simplify Content Administration. Set automated expiration dates, flag content for review, control versions, and define flexible access permissions.

Activate Content and Messaging

Activate Content with Context. Share best practices, peer examples and email copy snippets to ensure sellers know how to use content effectively.
Share Content Successes. Share learnings from the field to drive higher content adoption and engagement.
Collect Messaging Intelligence. Analyze and share messaging insights to improve how sellers deliver content.

Guide Seller Content Personalization

Easily Customize Collateral. Give reps a guided experience to customize content using modular source materials and automated updates.
Edit In PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Empower reps to edit content without needing to download out of the platform.
Quickly Combine Videos. Enable teams to combine videos to build personalized content assets for team greetings, personalized product videos, and custom solution overviews.
Personalize Your Video Messages. Empower reps to record personalized videos and add calling cards, calendar links, product images, poll questions, and embedded slides.

Deliver Modern Buying Experiences

Share Personalized Documents and Videos. Personalize documents dynamically or by hand using in-app slide sorting and editing in PowerPoint, and cut through the noise using video messages for prospects with in-video interactivity.
Deploy Digital Sales Rooms. Delight buyers with digital sales rooms featuring curated content collections and a secure environment to communicate and sell virtually.
Track Content Engagement. Know when and where prospects access content to help sellers follow-up based on buyer activity.

Prove Content Impact

Understand Content Effectiveness. Validate the effectiveness of content, topics, and messages to understand revenue impact with an easy-access dashboard.
Map Content to Wins. Understand how content increases win rates and revenue with dashboards tied to CRM data.
Optimize Content Creation. Replicate the use of successful content to scale the impact of your best performing assets.

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The feedback was incredible. The younger advisors really appreciated learning not only what to say, but how to say it from seasoned advisors. Allego is really powerful in getting those quick one- to two-minute responses, and it’s so much more personable.

Todd Eschtenkamp Marketing Senior Associate / CAPTRUST

Allego helped us better understand whether our sellers are finding the content, whether they find that content useful, and whether they’re using the content.

Gerry Hurley Senior Director of Enablement / Tripadvisor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales content management?

Simply put, effective sales content management is the creation, organization, distribution, and management of customer-facing sales assets and internal sales training content. Creating a logical sales content management structure makes it easier to maintain, update, and retire pieces of content as markets, messaging, and products change. Learn More About Sales Content Management

What is virtual selling?

Virtual selling is a selling experience mediated by technology. Sellers communicate, collaborate, and connect with prospects from any location using the technology of their choice, including computers, tablets, or mobile phones. Integrating virtual selling with online tools and techniques allows sellers to nurture prospects, share information, conduct demos, and host meetings without the need to meet in person. Learn More about Virtual Selling

What is agile content?

Traditional learning content and sales collateral include slide presentations, brochures, ebooks, and white papers. These typically take multiple weeks and multiple internal stakeholders to develop. Rapid changes in market conditions, competitive pressures, regulatory changes, and other influences require the ability to share best practices and peer knowledge into the field quickly. Agile content is time-sensitive content developed quickly within minutes by sellers and subject matter experts. These could include win/loss reports, competitive intelligence, call best practices, and other intelligence captured from the field.

What is a digital sales room?

Modern buyers are increasingly demanding self-serve, digital experiences to learn about solutions to their problems. For the most part, this includes browsing the web for information. While websites offer a good amount of information, they are only relevant up to a certain point until a buyer needs to speak with a seller about their unique needs and problems. Up until recently, marketers with web design skills were able to create web pages to educate buyers. Now, sellers have the power to create web pages for their prospective buyers as well. This is what a digital sales room is – a web page created by a seller that is specific for their buyer. It is a central hub where the buyer and seller can exchange information, share content, communicate, and align. Learn More about Digital Sales Rooms

What is in-video interactivity?

Typically, when we think about video, it’s as simple as pressing play and watching the content on our laptop or mobile device. With recent advances in technology, it is now possible to embed interactive content right within a video. This could include a piece of content such as a slide deck or brochure. This allows the presenter to add context and explanations to the content that is being talked about in the video. As the viewer watches the video, they can click on the content right within the video player to read along as the presenter speaks. In addition, it is now also possible to add comments and engage in discussions right within a video timeline. This allows sellers and employees to communicate and add commentary during specific moments in a video timeline.

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