Sales Content Management

Drive sales and marketing alignment with a people-powered solution that ensures every rep easily finds and properly uses relevant and compelling content at the moment of need.

70% of content is never used by sales1 and studies show organizations struggle to drive rep adoption of traditional sales content management tools.2

Distribute, organize, and activate content

Infuse relevant content into the flow of salespeople’s daily work with predictive search, playbooks, and AI-powered recommendations in CRM or the Allego platform.
Ensure sellers use content effectively by capitalizing on company-wide expertise and content knowledge using asynchronous video collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Increase content engagement and effectiveness with analytics tied to business outcomes using quantitative and qualitative data from the point of sale.
1 Forrester, It’s Not Content – It’s a Lack of Buyer Insights That’s the Problem
2 SiriusDecisions, 2019 Sales Asset Management Study

Improve sales effectiveness with agile content management

Align Marketing & Sales with a content management system that’s built for easy and engaging collaboration between organizations throughout every stage of the content lifecycle.

Ensure reps find relevant and up-to-date content at every stage of the process using predictive search, CRM recommendations, and AI personalization
Provide sellers with appropriate context and peer examples paired with assets so they use your marketing content more effectively with buyers at the moment of need
Enable reps with prescriptive content recommendations, hard-won tactics and best practice video examples for any deal scenario
FlexDocs Personalization Deploy a single space to maintain, distribute and control all of your slideware for Sales in a modular fashion that sellers can access a la carte and personalize
Unlock mobile video field collaboration to disseminate content knowledge using video win reports, meeting recaps, and knowledge sharing shortcuts
Ensure content relevance and bolster sales and marketing alignment by using asynchronous video collaboration with point-in-time feedback to refine content with Sales
AI Content Insights Validate effectiveness of content, topics, and messages to understand the revenue impact of content with easy-to-understand analytics and dashboards

Robust analytics and reporting

Assess your internal and external content for effectiveness. Get in depth knowledge on whether or not your content is being used, how it’s being used, and which content is driving the most engagement. Understand what works in order to focus your team’s efforts.

Deal Content Tracking

70% of content is never used by reps. In order to drive adoption, your sales enablement platform must support all three content types that reps need on a day-to-day basis

  • Marketing Content: Content created by marketing teams for sellers to find and quickly to share to engage buyers and spark conversations.
  • Agile Content: Crowdsourced content based on real selling experiences in the field that is time-critical and often in the minds of subject matter experts and experienced reps on your team. This content gives salespeople real-life examples of how to articulate messages, handle important objections, and deliver key talking points.
  • Learning Content: Referenceable Just-in-time learning content that’s bite-sized and made for the flow of work that enables reps to get a refresh on topics, tools or processes that are relevant to current sales opportunities.


  • Native content sync integrations with Enterprise Content Management systems such as Adobe Experience Manager, Google Drive, SharePoint and Box
  • PowerPoint slide configurator
  • Native video content capture
  • Intelligent recommendations of content and learning assets combined
  • Content delivered to CRM based on prospects and buyer information
  • Automated CRM logging and tracking of content sharing
  • Scalable content administration for global and regional enterprise teams
  • Powerful content maintenance and expirations
  • Add dynamic elements to existing assets or author evergreen content from scratch
  • Gated prospect resource hubs
  • PowerPoint, PDF, documents, video, and additional file formats
  • Content personalization for sellers
  • Robust content analytics and dashboards for internal and external engagement
  • Collaborative content creation and sourcing
  • Video communications and newsletter content

You have consistently delivered on promises. I've been in the software industry a long time, bought a lot of software over the years, and I have to say very few companies deliver on their roadmap like Allego does.

Gerry Hurley Senior Director Enablement / Tripadvisor

Instead of having to bring over a third of our reps back into the home office to re-certify, we were able to drive to a 100% success rate on the MFS Investment Process Story.

John Heroux Director of Learning and Development / MFS

Digital Sales Rooms allow our reps to share all relevant information, including intro videos from the Veritas team, key sales collateral, invitations to events, product information, pricing, demos, and more.

Matt Miersen Senior Manager, Global Sales Enablement / Veritas Technologies LLC

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