Digital Sales Rooms

Delight Buyers.
Shorten Sales Cycles. Win.

Create personalized and convenient buying experiences with Allego’s Digital Sales Rooms – a central hub where sellers and buyers can communicate, share content, and align.

Empower your sellers.
Delight your buyers.

Buyers have spoken – 80% now prefer virtual engagements 1, and companies that make digital sales more convenient achieve a 2x improvement to results 2.

Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) are your secret weapon to standout selling. You’ll create a new channel to interact with buyers and shorten sales cycles by up to 50%.

1 McKinsey; 2 McKinsey

Engage Your Buyers on Their Terms

Create a Convenient and Personal Experience: Delight the entire buying team with a one-stop-shop for content that's managed and accessed on mobile or desktop. Say goodbye to wading through inboxes to locate key deal materials.
Control Security, Privacy, & Access: Choose who can access key content across the buying committee and manage the experience on mobile or right within CRM.

Digital Sales Rooms

Create personalized and convenient buying experiences via a central hub that enables sellers and buyers to communicate, share content, and align—anytime, anywhere, any device.

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Collaborate in a New and More Personal Way

Create Presence in Your Absence: Collaborate with prospects via video and live chat in our digital sales rooms – even after your live meetings end.

Add the Human Touch: Put a face to the experience using personal video messages to “greet buyers at the door” and contextualize your message.

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Align with Buyers and Shorten Sales Cycles

Track Buyer Engagement: Unlock engagement across the entire buying committee with real-time notifications to inform your follow-up strategy.
Shorten Sales Cycles: Build rapport, increase convenience, and deliver more personalized interactions to shorten sales cycles by up to 50%.

Loved by Users & Ranked #1 on G2

“Building relationships with buyers when you can’t be together is critical. Digital Sales Rooms empower our reps to deliver a world class experience virtually.”

Matt Miersen
Senior Manager of Global Sales Enablement

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See how teams are using Digital Sales Rooms to make an impact

We saw an open rate of nearly 30% using Allego for virtual selling.

Director of Learning and Development / John Hancock

Digital Sales Rooms allow our reps to share all relevant information, including intro videos from the Veritas team, key sales collateral, invitations to events, product information, pricing, demos, and more.

Matt Miersen Senior Manager, Global Sales Enablement / Veritas Technologies LLC