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    Practicing with video sharpens top performers, just like top athletes

    Enable sales reps to practice, receive feedback and coaching and collaborate efficiently to win more deals.

  • coaching2

    Save time and money with remote video coaching

    Allego provides the guidance that a manager needs to nurture their sales executive on all of the dimensions of face-to-face engagement that matter in their specific organization.

  • Retain and leverage your fast-moving peer-created knowledge assets

  • Employees respond to specific, fact-based point-in-time feedback

    Coach your remote employees, accelerate their learning, and hone their skills without excessive travel.

Enterprise Video Knowledge Platform -- Software to help capture, socialize, refine and absorb the teams' best stories

As forward-thinking companies discover that their understanding of Enterprise Knowledge is evolving, they need to maximize their high-value, informal and fast-moving content. Allego is next generation Knowledge Management, designed for absorption and social adoption.

Sales Enablement Solutions


With Allego, you can ensure that your messages are really getting absorbed and delivered consistently like never before. As a manager, video coaching tools have the power to extend your reach and maximize your time. From your office, hotel room, or flight, you can accomplish as much as you could in a ride-along.

  • Sales skills practice & coaching for new products
  • Partner/Channel remote training and certification
  • Partner/Channel account planning and collaboration
  • Just-in-time competitive intelligence sharing
  • Win and loss reports
  • Asynchronous pipeline reviews

Training, eLearning, & Comm Solutions


The knowledge in your organization resides in the minds of your people, and Allego empowers those people collect, harness, and absorb knowledge like never before. As Learning Managers or Trainers, you still have the controls you need to curate the best lessons, and certify absorption by your distributed teams

  • Rapid on-boarding and assessment of new hires
  • Certification and follow-up after formal training
  • Product knowledge reviews
  • Presentation skills practice & coaching
  • Roll-out of existing eLearning videos
  • Executive communications and announcements
  • Departmental webcasts
  • Peer-generated videos and discussions

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