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Supercharge sales with Allego's Enablement AI — modern generative AI built on a decade of AI experience.

Transform Enablement Challenges Into Opportunities for Growth & Success

For enablement teams, sales reps, or marketers who have a specific idea or goal to achieve, Allego’s Enablement AI kicks in with a collection of experiences called ‘Sparks’ that ensure efficient sales execution while simultaneously enhancing skills and effectiveness. It’s modern enablement, easier than ever.

Increase Content Discoverability & Adoption
Increase Content Discoverability & Adoption

Give reps fast and easy access to content and learning.

Accelerate Rep Growth
Accelerate Rep Growth

Transform onboarding and continuous learning experiences into engaging, interactive journeys that anticipate learner needs.

Boost Reps’ Productivity
Boost Reps’ Productivity

Integrate AI assistance into every facet of your reps’ day.

Increase Content Discoverability & Adoption

Make it easy for sales reps to tap into internal knowledge and best practices with generative AI search, which delivers instant answers that reveal insights from content, subject matter experts, and learning materials.
Empower sales reps in the field with mobile voice commands for searching and sharing content on the fly.
Provide reps with essential sales content and learning precisely when they need it.
Equip teams with AI sales recommendations for contextual learning and sales content adapted to specific deal stages, customer verticals, and product families.

Accelerate Rep Growth

Create more confident reps by providing life-like practice scenarios with AI-powered sales simulations.
Eliminate redundant coaching tasks and use AI solutions to provide feedback and remediation to improve conversation effectiveness and save managers’ time.
Close knowledge gaps and reinforce long-term memory with an AI-driven digital flash card game that personalizes learning for each rep.

Boost Reps’ Productivity

Enhance post-call follow-up strategies and decisions for faster sales cycles by applying AI that analyzes calls and provides concise, actionable insights and next steps.
Break down global barriers with AI translation that transforms video messages into different languages.
Prioritize opportunities and improve follow-up conversations using sentiment analysis over the course of a deal, guiding reps on what to do next.

Your AI Advantage Awaits

In two years, Allego has done an excellent job of reaching parity and — in some cases — leapfrogging the competition with the SCS component of its all-in-one sales enablement platform.

The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions Q4 2022 / Forrester

Allego's AI spans a wide breadth of practical use cases, is intuitive and easy to use, and pushes the boundaries of what AI is capable of today.

IDC Enablement Marketscape Report 2023 / IDC

What I love about Allego is its innovative way of not only using video exclusively for learning, but to use video CRITIQUING efficiently and effectively.

Sam T. Insurance Training Administrator / Mid-Sized Insurance Company

The Allego team has been quite innovative with new feature releases as they have not only upgraded their UI in the last year but also added new functionality that improves the overall workflow/experience for admins and end-users.

Olena C. Enablement Program Manager / Global Technology Company

What really impressed me about Allego is that they’re constantly looking to innovate. So we doubled down with Allego because we felt it served our purpose from a learning platform basis, from a coaching platform basis, and now from a content basis.

Gerry Hurley Senior Director of Enablement / Tripadvisor

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