80% of sales content is forgotten within 30 days of a training session.

Just-In-Time Sales Learning Platform


Allego was the primary tool used to certify the sales team during our product launch. The Allego app contributed to the speed of uptake and the effectiveness of the interactions conducted. The launch goal was achieved in half of the projected time.

Paul S. 
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Allego combines the communication power of video with the accessibility of mobility to provide a learning platform that boosts the performance of any sales team.



The Traditional Sales Training Approach Is Broken

Sales training has typically taken place during out-of-the-ordinary situations like national sales meetings or quarterly retreats, ride-alongs in the field, or onboarding sessions at headquarters. And as a result, the emphasis invariably comes down to jamming as much knowledge into that limited time as possible.

80% of sales content is forgotten within 30 days of a training session.

Absorbing bulk content is always hard, and it’s harder still if force-fed in a conference room for hours on end – far from the time and place where that expertise will be needed. It comes as no surprise that only a very small percentage of sales training delivered this way actually results in improved performance in the field.

Imagine if instead your sales people could instantly tap into the expertise of the entire sales force, at the very moment they were dealing with a specific challenge – whether at two in the morning, or in the lobby before meeting a demanding customer.

Drive Sales Performance – Wherever, Whenever, Anytime, All the Time

Allego lets companies impact their sales reps’ skills and productivity in a number of ways.

  • Instant access to potent user-generated content – no more searching for relevant content, use Allego to collect and curate the best ideas and knowledge from the field via brief user-generated videos
  • Ability to capture the best ideas – share best practices across your distributed sales team, unifies distributed and mixed inside/outside sales teams into a selling community driven by shared expertise
  • Easy absorption through video – leverage video and content to drive absorption and retention
  • Real-time collaboration – gain insights on selling strategies, info on competitor actions, customer feedback, model pitches recorded by your top performers and more
  • Ongoing coaching and feedback – submit rehearsal videos to managers or peers, with interactive tools for productivity
  • Ad hoc field assignments – managers can give specific assignments to sales people on a specific product launch and review staff progress

Allego simplifies the collection and curation of valuable content from the field, with intelligent, predictive management of content that automates sharing and distribution, and also provides analytics and reporting for full management visibility.

That’s just-in-time learning, the Allego way.

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