Redefining learning for the modern sales rep while boosting the bottom line

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At the Forefront of Today’s Technology

Mobile, social apps and user-created video are driving forces in computing, prompting profound changes in how we access and share information. Allego applies these technology trends to the problem of sales enablement and learning, with remarkable results – and is itself a leading-edge technology.


30% reduction in training time and expense

– Bullhorn

In this increasingly digital and mobile landscape, there is a better way to deliver relevant information: just-in-time learning, a concept that Allego has redefined for modern sales enablement and training. Allego was built as a mobile-first application, to assure uncompromised performance for users. Engineered for the modern sales rep – working from airports, hotels, conference rooms – the application is intuitive, simple and extremely easy to use. Accessing content, creating a video, and sharing knowledge across the enterprise is as easy as checking the score of your favorite sports team.

Couple Allego’s just-in-time learning platform with a proven methodology for roll out, adoption and engagement, customers quickly realize results.

Allego provides a range of benefits to the organization, including:

  • Sales management & coaching – allows development of specific presentation skills
  • Onboarding – gets new hires productive faster, and with better chance of long-term retention
  • Enterprise knowledge management – retention of expertise from skilled senior staff
  • Message consistency – better use of main tent, with supporting content available offline
  • Executive flash communications – provides immediate dissemination of vision & priorities
  • Skill development – “Top gun” videos allow modeling of star performers
  • Product rollouts – provides concise, strategic communication within organization and with partners
  • Best practices, FAQs – establishes standard understanding and practices for job role and company

We declared mobile is a strategic initiative…back in 2011. In fact, we think we are in the midst of the growth of the tablet era.

Jim Lundy, CEO & Founder
Aragon Research