Product Launch Training

Fast, Effective Product Rollouts for Hybrid Teams

Streamline product launch training with the sales enablement platform built for hybrid teams.

Scale Product Training and Certification

Deliver new product information, messaging, and best practices to your entire team.

Launch New Products
Launch New Products

Give reps content and messaging to sell new products confidently

Train Virtually
Train Virtually

Guide reps with interactive, hybrid exercises

Accelerate ROI
Accelerate ROI

Track and optimize outcomes for every new product launch

Launch New Products Efficiently

Roll out new products, processes, and messaging with engaging learning that drives results.

Organize and deploy product information, new messaging, and sales content
Create new product training courses aligned to the sales cycle
Reinforce learning and ensure company-wide compliance
Build rep fluency, messaging mastery, and product information retention

Roll Out Training Virtually

Empower reps with the training they need to sell new products confidently and effectively.

Deliver the information salespeople need, when they need it
Share peer-to-peer insights, market intel, and critical product updates
Practice, test, and reinforce messaging from any location
Engage reps with experiential exercises and interactive assessments
Personalized Video Messaging

Reinforce Learning Consistently

Ensure reps can articulate new messaging, recall critical concepts, and meet every prospect’s needs.

Replicate success with targeted coaching, best practices, AI-guided selling and post-launch reinforcement
Simulate conversations and experiential exercises before engaging live prospects
Enhance formal training with peer best practices and expert insights
Build rep fluency and solidify knowledge retention for every buyer scenario

Measure Outcomes to Accelerate ROI

Understand revenue impact and effectiveness of new product launch content and messaging to optimize outcomes.

Track seller progress and team competencies to train more efficiently
Gain insight into manager and seller performance drivers
See which sales activities and content are moving the needle to replicate winning behavior
Access rich metrics to track progress, pinpoint seller skill gaps, and target coaching
Employee onboarding

See how teams are using Allego to make an impact

Our new hires have found Allego to be the MOST valuable tool to getting up to speed on products.

Jeff Lovanio AVP - Distribution Training and Development Manager / Voya

The regions that don’t yet have Allego are saying, ‘Why don’t we have that? We want that. What do we need to do to get it and how can we get involved in this process?

Melinda Dean Education Specialist, Instructional Design & Development Training / Johnson & Johnson Vision

Launching products has been a lot quicker. We’re selling the new products, and really maximizing best practices. I think our sales team is becoming more competent and feeling more comfortable in closing deals, not just servicing.

Anne Lindley Kumlin Sr. Director, Customer Care / Enovis

Any wholesaler—especially newer ones or those struggling with certain products—can hop onto different Allego channels and see how others are positioning the products.

Peter Han AVP of Sales Support Group / Pacific Life

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See how you can accelerate product launch training with the intuitive, AI-driven platform built for hybrid teams.

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