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Transform Your Workforce

Our workforce enablement platform makes it easy to deploy, manage and scale training for today’s distributed teams.

Modern Learning

See how J&J Vision turned directed-learning into learner-driven using Allego

Maximize Learning and ROI

Connect hybrid teams with self-paced, experiential learning. Assess competencies and deliver targeted skills training that keeps your people engaged. Create a culture of learning with peer-to-peer collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Learning & Development for Hybrid Teams

Close Skills Gaps Efficiently
Close Skills Gaps Efficiently

Get insight into the training your employees need and target specific strengths and weaknesses.

Collaborate Seamlessly
Collaborate Seamlessly

Create a culture of learning with peer-to-peer collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Track & Measure Learning Easily
Track & Measure Learning Easily

Ensure company-wide compliance and certification and drive productivity.

Transform Sales Learning

Modernize sales learning and development initiatives with personalized learning journeys, AI-powered microlearning, and automated competency tracking.

Enhance workforce learning with interactive video, practice drills and quizzes to promote engagement
Ensure behavior change using virtual or in-person certifications and simulated training experiences
Update traditional training with best practices, real-life examples, peer generated content, and subject-matter expertise
Enable Company-Wide Learning

Engage Hybrid Teams with Learning That Is Always Relevant

Manage, distribute, and contextualize key learning content to scale rollouts easily and drive impact.

Deliver the information employees need, when they need it
Drive engagement with always-fresh content
Inspire with content that your employees seek out
Streamline and scale product rollouts
Reviewing content inside of the Allego app on an iPad
Foster Team Collaboration

Drive Retention and Shorten Ramp Time with Collaboration

Align learning with application and drive business impact by delivering collaborative learning and reinforcement in the flow of work.

Leverage asynchronous video collaboration and point-in-time feedback before, during, and after training sessions
Enable peers, managers, and subject-matter experts (SMEs) to share ideas, deliver advice, and disseminate best practices
Create a central repository of collaborative content that all employees can easily access
Distribute knowledge quickly throughout the entire organization
Employee onboarding

We’re leveraging Allego as an on-demand repository and finding new ways to use it. We’re also using it for onboarding by creating training channels. So, if someone didn’t have time to watch a training video when it was released, they can go back at any time to get trained up.

Jeff Lovanio AVP - Distribution Training and Development Manager / Voya Investment Management

With just-in-time learning, the reps can … learn about what they want, when they need to learn it. It’s not necessarily us pushing something out that they have to do. It’s more about them taking their own journey. And they don’t have to be connected to a VPN. They can do it right on their phone. Allego is very simple and very easy for them to use.

Anne Lindley Kumlin Sr. Director, Customer Care / Enovis

We wanted the reps to crave and consume and want to learn, and to have a place where they could find on-demand content that was easy to access at the moment of need. We wanted to really change the approach to what we were doing, and … this led us to Allego.

Melinda Dean Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision / Johnson & Johnson

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