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Coaching That Creates Top Performers

Deliver personalized coaching at scale and create top performing teams

Level Up Sales Training & Coaching

Deliver high-impact, AI-powered coaching, pinpoint sellers’ strengths and weaknesses, and create sales rockstars.

Increase Seller Proficiency
Increase Seller Proficiency

Maximize coaching effectiveness and skill development

Reimagine Sales Training & Kickoffs
Reimagine Sales Training & Kickoffs

Deliver in-person or virtual training to meet every seller’s needs

Reinforce with Peer-to-Peer Learning
Reinforce with Peer-to-Peer Learning

Make sure learning sticks and replicate top performers

Increase Seller Proficiency

Develop skills using AI-powered tools to maximize coaching effectiveness.

Increase frequency and quality of coaching, and get visibility into coaching effectiveness
Drive message consistency, facilitate practice, and create opportunities for healthy competition.
Analyze sales conversations and pinpoint areas for improvement

Reimagine Sales Training & Kickoffs

Hone sellers’ skills and prepare them for every selling situation with AI recommendations.

Replicate face-to-face training with asynchronous video
Prepare sellers for more productive conversations and reinforce key concepts
Provide best practice examples from subject matter experts and A players
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Reinforce with Peer-to-Peer Learning

Share peer and SME expertise and build a collaborative coaching environment.

Share best practices and real-life examples of top performer calls at scale
Continually provide coaching advice via automated feedback
Reinforce expertise using Flashcard drills, intelligently targeted quizzes
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It’s clear that just the process of recording these videos helped everyone because it forced them to reflect on core meeting skills and why there’s always room to improve.

Andrew Resnik Divisional Vice President / Global Atlantic Financial Group

We were looking for a platform that was going to help us coach and get critical knowledge out to our salespeople quickly. There are lots of readiness platforms that can be used for a bit of coaching, but it isn’t their core capability. Allego is specifically designed for coaching, and it has functionality that isn’t available in any other tool.

Graeme Mckenzie Global Sales Enablement Director / SoftwareAG

In the past, role plays could be avoided or not taken as seriously when done “live” during group workshops. Allego added a much-needed layer of accountability to ensure each rep stepped up to the plate and showed their manager what they had been practicing.

Gena Guignon Sr. Manager, Sales Learning and Development / LifeScan

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