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The Art of Storytelling in the Sales Cycle

The art of persuasion is largely centered on a person’s ability to gain someone’s trust.  After all, we’re reluctant to say “yes” to a sales rep who seems like their driving motivation is to make a commission.  It’s often as simple as feeling misunderstood by the salesperson, and having a suspicion about their motives given they didn’t make an effort to understand our needs. But when it comes to the rep who just seems to understand what we want, and can fluently communicate how their product is going to meet our objectives, we tend... Continue Reading

Peer-To-Peer Coaching – Empowering Sales Teams to Learn Collaboratively

The longest winning streak in sports history was not a case of luck – but one of preparation, a commitment to personal development, and a stubborn insistence on leveraging the power of teamwork. The story of Bob Ladouceur and the Spartans contains a lesson that all sales leaders can, and should learn from: As leaders, we often think it’s our responsibility to coach each individual team member – but we forget that if we’ve done our job in the first place to align everybody’s priorities, they will coach each other. In a... Continue Reading

3 Essentials for Medical Device Sales Training

Medical device sales presents its reps with many unique challenges.  Aside from the sheer volume of training content to be learned, device reps have to attain an unusually high level of mastery in order to effectively articulate the ins and outs of the products they sell.  They have to successfully communicate complex value propositions to highly technical individuals within their industry, while simultaneously maintaining strong command over a body of regulatory information. This is why industry leading organizations put such a premium on learning, and are achieving their numbers by implementing solutions... Continue Reading

Stand and Deliver… Consistently

Being in the business of selling technology made for salespeople, I find myself in contact with sales leaders of all stripes on an almost daily basis.  I hear a broad range of questions and concerns covering a whole slew of topics that can vary widely from one industry to another, but one issue seems to show up as a major challenge for almost everybody I talk to:  message consistency.  Anyone in business understands the necessity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and communicate a consistent brand message to your market.  This is... Continue Reading