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"Success at work is fundamental to human happiness.” -- Yuchun Lee, CEO and Co-Founder, Allego

Our Mission

We believe success at work is fundamental to happiness. Our mission at Allego is to revolutionize how revenue teams achieve this success through Modern Revenue Enablement. By fostering stronger relationships and delivering better buying experiences, we drive unparalleled growth and performance.

At Allego, we empower teams with cutting-edge tools to manage sales content, drive engaging buying experiences, and facilitate continuous learning. By bridging the gap between marketing, sales, and enablement, Allego helps go-to-market teams win more often and get to ‘yes’ faster.

The Allego Story: How Collaboration and Technology Disrupted a Market

Allego’s mission is to ensure that people have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed at work.

Yuchun Lee and Mark Magnacca—long-time entrepreneurs with successful careers in different industries—launched Allego in 2013 to transform training and how people learn at work. Together, they invented a new approach that uses mobile technology and interactive video to deliver learning, communication and collaboration at the moment of need. In the process, they redefined sales enablement and disrupted an entire market.

The two innovators had known each other for fifteen years when an “aha moment” at a training session led to their collaboration. Yuchun is a software executive who, prior to Allego, co-founded and served as CEO of marketing automation provider Unica, guiding it through a successful IPO and $500 million sale to IBM.

Mark is an accomplished author, speaker, trainer and former financial advisor. Before Allego, he helped financial service companies build their businesses and improve their selling practices as founder of Insight Development Group, Inc., a leading sales and presentation training firm.

The aha moment happened during a client engagement in 2012, when Mark noticed that the company had purchased iPads for its entire sales force. Part of the training required salespeople to practice their delivery and Mark thought there was a way to leverage this new mobile device.

“We were flying everyone in for training. I thought, why don’t we have everyone record their presentation on their new iPad instead, upload it and share it with their managers for certification?” recalled Mark. “I didn’t know the obstacles. They had just been given a 16GB iPad and I told them to record a 30-minute presentation. I didn’t know it would burn up all the space on their device and that it would be very difficult to upload and share it.”

Mark envisioned an app that would solve these storage and speed constraints. He shared his idea at a brainstorming session with fellow entrepreneurs. After the session, long-time friend Yuchun approached Mark and, in his understated way, said, “I think you might be onto something. It’s worth exploring.”

Yuchun was intrigued by the idea of using mobile technology and video to transform sales. He thought that instead of creating an app, Mark should think about being in the software business.

“I told Yuchun, ‘I don’t know anything about the software business’,” recalled Mark. “Yuchun said, ‘I do.’ That was the start of Allego.”

Today, hundreds of thousands of professionals in financial services, life sciences, high tech, and other industries use Allego’s sales enablement platform to learn, collaborate, and communicate.

Allego’s Operating Principles

Allego’s Operating Principles are at the heart of our business. They are the fabric of our culture and central to our approach to work, our customers and each other.

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