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jon loduca advice for leaders
September 24, 2021

The Adapter’s Advantage: Jon LoDuca on the Wisdom of Peak Performers

jon loduca advice for leaders

In episode 30, business strategist and company founder Jon LoDuca shares how he helps peak sales performers and ultra-successful entrepreneurs identify their secret sauce, capture hard-earned wisdom, and scale their sales process.

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“Nobody who achieves great things does it without there being some very, very legitimate and carefully curated reason for it.”

Jon LoDuca is founder and president of The Wisdom Link, an intellectual capital development firm. He’s provided strategic and tactical guidance, resources, and end-to-end solutions to over 400 leading businesses in 20 industries.

Jon is also founder and managing partner of PlaybookBuilder, a knowledge management software and consulting services company. As a trusted advisor to several hundred of the top ½% income earning entrepreneurs from across the US, UK and Canada, Jon develops market strategy and tactical resources to harvest, package, and monetize the unique processes and best practices of leading companies.

Listen as Jon describes how he helps peak salespeople and ultra-successful entrepreneurs identify and capture their secret sauce.

Episode 30: Capturing the Wisdom of Peak Performers | Jon LoDuca

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From This Episode

Host Mark Magnacca: “What do you see as the most important skill that people need to learn or improve today?”

Jon LoDuca: “I believe most sincerely that with the abundance of examples that we now have access to, people today get lost in the wake of other people. I think they forget that you just have to ‘do you.’ And so I think authenticity is the thing that most folks have lost a little bit. The strivers forget to be authentic.

“I think it’s easy to get lost in that and absolutely people can smell it. You are enough exactly the way that you are. You need to just be yourself, just do a phenomenal job of being you. That is so corny. I sound like I’m talking to a third grade class, but it’s legit. I see it all the time.

“I see young men and women and even 30-, 40-, 50-year olds emulating and aping other people’s behaviors and mindsets because they think it’s going to work and it doesn’t. You can’t stand on somebody else’s shoulders.

“The other one is empathy. I think to a large extent, we forget we’re working with other people with stories. That’s the thing in the industry that can be so demoralizing is the demands on the producers are such, that if they’re not careful, they might forget that they’re across the table from another full blown human being.

“Meeting a sales quota, meeting the demands of a sales culture environment, you can kind of lose sight of that. I have never really met anybody who is outstanding who has lost sight of that. They still somehow bring it down to the real heart-based connection they have with other people.

“I don’t know how they do it. They separate the commission and the win and getting the ring or being on the main stage and the achievement. But somehow or other, there’s this sacred space they create with the other person.”

About The Adapter’s Advantage

Our podcast features leaders from sales, training, and industry who share their personal journeys of transformation and how they are adapting to an ever-changing environment. As your host, I’ll introduce you to some of the most interesting and inspiring people I’ve met over the last twenty years.

The conversations dive into the ups and downs of their journey. Our guests focus on inflection points—the aha moments that, in retrospect, had a critical impact on their success. These interviews will leave you with practical, real-world advice that you can apply to your life.

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