Allego for Sales Enablement

Seller-Centric Enablement That Drives Results

Equip sellers with skills, knowledge, and content to engage buyers with confidence and win.

Removing Seller Obstacles

Learn how Tripadvisor increased the efficiency of the sales and marketing teams.

Maximize Revenue per Rep

Activate sales with modern learning, content management, and conversation intelligence.

AI-powered Solutions Built for Today’s Sellers

Onboard & Train
Onboard & Train

Engage new hires, develop critical skills, and drive faster results for your organization.

Launch New Products
Launch New Products

Roll out new products with learning that drives results.

Organize and Manage Content
Organize and Manage Content

Access the right sales content at the right time to support a highly complex and personalized B2B buying journey.

Onboard Faster and More Effectively

Speed up new hire readiness with highly personalized and collaborative learning and reinforcement programs.

Streamline learning and reinforcement using personalized learning journeys, AI-powered microlearning, and automated competency tracking
Align learning with field application using intelligent video practice and certifications with simulated objection handling
Capture and disseminate bite-sized insights, best practices and approaches from experts and peers, delivered at the moment of need using AI
A woman celebrates a successful onboarding experience

Create Engaging Sales Content

Make the right content easily accessible in sellers’ moments of need

Win sellers with relevant and impactful content available in the moments they need it most
Give context and guidance so sellers use your marketing content more effectively
Collaborate with sellers and capture the knowledge of subject matter experts
Monitor and measure how sellers engage with your content to boost adoption

Help Reps Master Virtual Selling

Equip sellers with the right tools and strategies to sell virtually

Guide sellers to use the right content and increase buyer engagement with Digital Sales Rooms
Drive higher engagement and increase response rates by empowering sellers to create and share personalized video messages with buyers
Equip reps with “best bet” recommendations at each deal stage with supporting explainer videos for context
Selling virtually

Train High-Performing Sales Teams

Ensure salespeople have the skills, timely knowledge, and supporting materials to accelerate team success.

Create, deploy, and scale programs that deliver training at the moment of need to drive sales success
Reinforce best practices with peer-to-peer collaboration and user-generated content
Use AI-powered tools to assess competencies and deliver targeted skills training that keeps your salespeople engaged
Employee onboarding

We’ve had tremendous success with Allego during the first twelve months in terms of cost-savings, sales effectiveness, and scalability. There’s so much you can do with the platform. We’re very proud of all we’ve achieved in a relatively short time and are very excited about the future.

Anna Hiett Global Head of Sales Training / Finastra

One of the greatest benefits of Allego is the ‘content-sharing nimbleness, immediacy and speed’ that it enables. ‘It’s a YouTube versus Hollywood’ way of sharing content. Instead of worrying about Hollywood production values and graphics, Allego encourages you to be less self-conscious – to just start sharing your knowledge and ideas.

Graeme McKenzie Global Sales Enablement Director / Software AG

We’re now able to bring timely, relevant market information to the sales team that would have once taken days or weeks to communicate.

Joy Crenshaw Head of Sales Development and Business Solutions / Nuveen

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Learn how to accelerate training and empower sales teams with mobile, interactive learning and enablement that delivers results.

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