Conversation Intelligence

Use analytics from the point of sale to power your enablement, gain deeper visibility into impact, and turn insights into action by analyzing and coaching to recorded sales calls with AI assistance.

84% of buyers say reps convey value ineffectively when selling virtually.

Identifying Impact
Enablement struggles to understand the impact of training and coaching
Uncovering Opportunity
Managers struggle to spot and address sales mistakes and missed opportunities
Enabling Reps to Share
Reps lack efficient means to share call insights with technical and post-sale team

Replicate success and amplify best practices

Pinpoint specific moments within actual sales conversations to gauge whether reps are adhering to sales best practices and messaging
Provide inline video, audio or text feedback asynchronously
Use AI to understand call performance across the team and automate next-best-action coaching, learning and follow-up content suggestions

Understand the Impact of Training

Easily spot and address mistakes or missed opportunities, target and share insights from successful meetings, and teach to real, in-person, scenarios

Surface and act on coachable moments at scale using AI
Improve productivity and post-sale handoff with automated note taking that ensures context is never lost
Drive efficiencies for managers with automated review flagging to see where reps are struggling
Automate content recommendations based on call topics and surface the assets in the reps’ flow of work
Certify rep proficiency at scale using scorecards, inline feedback, and automated weakness targeting
Replicate teamwide behaviors with analytics and recommendations for call clips to repurpose and enhance as best-practice examples and learning content

Team-wide behaviors at a glance

  • Understand aggregate behaviors across your team
  • Compare team members against one another to understand how to clone your best performers
  • Get actionable insights that inform next-steps

Conversation Intelligence that Powers Sales Enablement

Streamline your efforts using conversation intelligence that drives analytics for all areas of your enablement function

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