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Fit us seamlessly into your existing tech stack

We offer 120+ out-of-the-box integrations so you can easily embed sales enablement into your reps’ daily workflow.

Fit Us Seamlessly into Your Existing Tech Stack

We offer 120+ out-of-the-box integrations so you can easily embed sales enablement into your reps’ daily workflow.

Work Cohesively Across Your Complete Toolset: Our web architecture adheres to open web standards so you can embed or share our robust set of data and content with virtually any tool.

For a deeper dive on data-driven selling, check out Allego for CRM here.


Get intuitive version control, tagging, and integrated editing that makes it easy for sellers to find the latest content when they need it.


Guide sellers in the flow of work with browser and email integrations that present content at the moment of need in just one click.

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120+ Integrations & Compatibilities

Business Intelligence (BI) / Data Warehouse

Get actionable insights from Allego on employee skills, knowledge, and behaviors in your existing business intelligence tools.
  • Uncover the leading indicators of performance through an easy to consume standardized data feed
  • Perform a wider variety of custom analyses to draw correlations between specific learning and enablement activities and business outcomes
  • Enhance your ability to identify and take action against current problems, forecast roadblocks, and spot new opportunities

Call Recording Integrations

Automatically capture sales conversations from dialers, call recorders, and web meetings to bring into Allego for automated next-best-action coaching, learning, and follow-up content suggestions.
  • Improve productivity and post-sale handoff with automated note taking and call insights to ensure critical buyer context is never lost.
  • Quickly surface and take action on mistakes or missed opportunities using AI, scorecards, inline feedback, and automated weakness targeting.
  • Repurpose and enhance call clips as best-practice examples and learning content to replicate team-wide behaviors

Calendars, Cloud Communications, and Social Plugins

We connect with the most popular collaboration and communication technologies to surface learning and content in the flow of work during meetings and calls.
  • Empower reps to create and share approved external-facing content directly with buyers through their preferred email platform
  • Devote more time to learning and communicating directly with prospects and less time locating and accessing the content and knowledge needed to do so
  • Plug in directly to your social selling platforms so reps can easily locate relevant content and pair with personalized video messages to share with prospects

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Embed Allego in your CRM to simplify sales workflows with visibility into what’s resonating across each pipeline opportunity.
  • Log sales activity and content shared with buyers to track how they engage and save time spent on CRM data entry
  • Infuse relevant content into the flow of salespeople’s daily work with predictive search, playbooks, and AI-powered recommendations
  • Be more confident in your sales forecasts by understanding deal-specific prospect engagement patterns across sales content and digital sales rooms

Enterprise Content & Productivity Tools

Automatically import and sync content from your Enterprise Content Repository to Allego and enable reps to easily access and edit the latest and greatest approved resources all in one place.

  • Use Allego as your “content showroom” empowering reps with activated collateral to deliver better buyer experiences
  • Uncover richer insights into how your content is being used internally and externally and its overall impact on revenue
  • Simplify content admin by leveraging existing creation and governance workflows and empowering sellers with document personalization

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Personnel Records Systems

We sync with the master source of your employee data to ensure every user and group is continually updated on an automated basis – saving you time and administrative burdens.

Learning Management Systems and Learning Experience Platforms

Embed highly interactive and engaging content and exercises from Allego directly within your LMS or LXP or vice versa to personalize and enhance the learning experience.
  • Import SCORM packages from your LMS to Allego to create role-based, personalized learning paths and powerful ongoing reinforcement
  • Provide reps access to both internal and external content as well as agile learning that brings the field experience to life
  • Capture user-generated content to disseminate and share best practices to capitalize on collaborative and programmatic microlearning

Marketing Automation Platform

We support lead data capture for lead creation, lead scoring, and lead segmentation for shared content items or digital sales rooms to feed into your marketing automation solutions with minimal configuration.
  • Combine Allego data with your marketing automation platform to power campaigns with winning content and experiences for every unique buyer journey
  • Join data from any external facing materials to augment audience segmentation to personalize marketing campaigns
  • Capture metrics from prospect engagements in Allego Digital Sales Rooms to strengthen lead activities and lead scoring

Sales Engagement Platform (SEP)

Incorporate top-performing sales content in Allego within your sales engagement workflow to guide sellers with the most relevant content throughout the buying process.
  • Enable sellers to quickly search and easily share trackable content into your email templates within your SEP
  • Insert personal videos into pre-planned communications or sales plays
  • Improve marketing’s visibility into what content is performing best across your prospecting efforts

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allego integrates with any identity provider that supports SAML 2.0 to simplify user management and access for a better user experience.



Adobe Experience Manager



Azure Active Direcotry



Cisco CJP





Dial9 Communications





Gamma Horizon


Google Chrome

Google Docs

Google Drive

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Sheets

Google Slides






Learning Pool




Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Word





NICE InContact


Oak Clarify



Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Sales Cloud

Orange Logic


Ping Identity


Power BI



RingCentral Meetings





SAP SuccessFactors












Vonage Business Communications

Vonage NewVoiceMedia







Zoom Phone

See how teams are using Allego to make an impact

For me, having that LMS system still there, I’m actually utilizing that to build excitement around Allego. It keeps the excitement around when an Allego video comes out because they know that this is different from the LMS system, really keeping it unique

Travis Hecker Senior Sales Training Manager / Abbott

To us, Allego represents a much more human approach to remote asynchronous learning than the standard corporate LMS.

Pete K. VP, Customer Experience / Mid Market

One of the most useful aspects of using Allego for virtual selling is that our reps can track who among their clients have engaged with the content they share. This allows them to prioritize follow up much more effectively.

Jeff Lovanio Head of Learning & Development / Voya

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