Allego’s out of the box integrations with your tech stack drive higher performance and better adoption of your complete toolset.

Customer Relationship Management

Allego’s deep integration with Salesforce and other CRM platforms gives your reps a compelling reason to work within this critical tool. 

Deal-specific AI recommendations of winning collateral pieces embedded within 2-minute peer explainer videos will keep them coming back every time. 

Sales Content Management

Recent studies show organizations struggle to drive organic rep adoption of many popular sales content management tools.1

Allego’s out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular SCM platforms gives reps what they crave—video explainers by peers detailing best practices for using various collateral right within your SCM platform. 

1 SiriusDecisions, 2019 Sales Asset Management Study

Learning Management Systems

Deep integrations with the most popular traditional LMS platforms empower you to embed engaging Allego content and exercises right within your LMS or vice versa.

Watch: What Content Goes in Allego and What Goes in the Corporate LMS?

Video conference

Allego integrates with the most popular video conference solutions such as Zoom and Webex so you can target your efforts based on system-generated analysis of meetings and calls.

HRIS and Personnel Records Systems

Allego syncs with the master source of your employee data to ensure every user and group is continually updated on an automated basis for personalized learning at scale.

Allego for Outlook, Chrome and Gmail

Every minute saved on activities that don’t involve face-to-face conversations with buyers adds incremental dollars to a salesperson’s quota.

Allego for Outlook, and Allego for Chrome and Gmail give salespeople more time by empowering them to create and share approved external-facing content with buyers directly from their email client or anywhere on the web.


In order to support secure access and user profile data sync for user management, Allego integrates with any identity provider that supports SAML 2.0.

Open web standards for integration with virtually any tool

Allego’s adherence to open web standards allows you to embed or share any Allego content or collection through other applications using deep links and HTML iframes. Examples include internal intranets, messaging apps such as Slack or Skype, content management systems such as Google Drive or Sharepoint, and more.

Allego also empowers you to integrate third party content or internal business content with content in the platform to be accessed within any platform activity.


For the first time I can actually see behaviorally how people are articulating the messages we are trying to teach. We can see where we need to focus more training, or whether our training is even hitting the mark.

Michael Carpenter Manager of Sales Readiness IT, Tableau / Tableau

I can tie $1.6 million of additional revenue to Allego. And hard numbers aside, my wholesalers tell me that regularly seeing each other’s faces through the Allego videos helps them overcome the loneliness they sometimes experience in the field, and that they feel more connected to one another than they have in 20 years working together.

Mike McGlothlin EVP / Ash Brokerage

Instead of having to bring over a third of our reps back into the home office to re-certify, we were able to drive to a 100% success rate on the MFS Investment Process Story.

John Heroux Director of Learning and Development / MFS

We’ve had 100% sales adoption with about 48,000 peer views on the platform in the first 12 months. But for me, the biggest impact is the behavioral and cultural shift that we’ve undergone in the organization.

Head of Learning and Development / Global Asset Management Firm

Out of the gate, we started to see immediate adoption in the field. Over the last 90 days, 93% of all users have accessed Allego voluntarily at least once. We’ve logged almost 200,000 video views.

Travis Hecker Senior Manager of Global Sales Training / Abbott Laboratories

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