DIGGER Blueprint for Motivating Sales Teams

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How do you keep an often younger, less experienced SDR team motivated with such a challenging role?

Leading an SDR team is a delicate balance. You’re under pressure to hit targets, lead a team, build trusting relationships and onboard and develop a team of individuals.

Not only that, it’s on the shoulders of Sales Leaders to ensure the well-being, happiness and positive mental attitude of team members, who themselves are often new to the world of sales.

How do sales leaders strike that balance and lead a motivated team in the most challenging of sales roles?

Download our on-demand webinar,  where Kevin Beales, Founder/CEO at Refract and Georgia Kirwan, SDR Manager at EngageIQ will share the DIGGER™ framework to motivate your SDR team to success.

In this webinar, we share:

  • Practical tips and advice, based on first-hand experience of leading top SDR teams with our DIGGER™ framework.
  • Actions you can put in place straight away to help ensure your team’s motivation, to unlock their potential.

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