The Sales Enablement Kit for Product Marketers

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Product marketers play a critical role in their company’s success. You’re a conduit of information and the connective tissue between product developers, the marketing team, and the sales force.

It’s also a big job and an important role. You’re creating and monitoring go-to-market programs, developing product strategies, researching competitors, training sales on how to sell products, and much more. It’s enough sometimes to push you to the brink.

We created The Sales Enablement Kit for Product Marketers to help you tackle the three main functions of product marketing: sales enablement, sales content, and product launch.

The kit is packed with actionable checklists, reference guides, and templates to help you streamline your activities, juggle competing priorities, and equip your sales team to close more deals.

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Download the kit and get everything you need to communicate with sellers, roll out sales content and messaging, release new products, and help your sales reps succeed:



The Product Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement: Learn how forward-thinking product marketers use sales enablement to accelerate the sales cycle, drive higher win rates, and boost profitability.

[Case Study] Tripadvisor’s Enablement Team Drives Sales and Marketing Alignment Using Allego: Learn how Allego helps Tripadvisor’s product marketing team manage sales content and new product collateral, plus measure usage.



Sales Content Quick Reference Guide: Plan the type of content to create, gather, and share with sales reps for use during the buying process.

4 Essential Sales Content Types Checklist: Get examples of four essential content types to train sellers, engage virtual buyers, and close the sale.

[Webinar] New Research Reveals the Key to Motivating Sellers to Use Content: See new research about who should deliver new content to sales, the secret recipe for sales content adoption, and more.



Product Marketer’s Product Release Checklist: Develop your product release strategy and ensure you have all the content needed for a successful release.

Sales Playbook Template: Provide messaging guidance to sales reps. The template can be customized for any type of outbound activity.


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