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internal company podcasting
November 18, 2021

This is How to Unlock The Power of Corporate Podcasting

internal company podcasting

Podcasting is booming. There are now more than 900,000 podcasts to choose from. In the US, 22% of the population listens to at least one podcast every week, according to The Guardian.

And podcasting isn’t just for comedians and lifestyle gurus anymore. As an increasing number of businesses shift to hybrid work models, companies are harnessing the power of podcasts to connect with their employees.

These internal podcasts share everything from company updates, messages from leadership, and market conditions to best practices and product information. By leveraging internal podcasts, organizations are finding they can use podcasts’ ease of delivery and accessibility to foster a culture of connectivity that aligns their workforce training and communication.

Corporate Podcasts:

  • Deliver Executive Messaging
  • Capture Key Influencer Expertise
  • Keep Hybrid Teams Connected
  • Engage Teams with Business Objectives

Organizations are reaping the benefits of internal podcasts. While many forms of internal communications yield very low employee engagement rates (less than 20%), the use of podcasts for corporate communications results in upwards of 3x the attention rates and are a more personal medium for building and maintaining culture.

Insider Stories of the Moments That Matter

Organizations that leverage podcasting find it to be a more effective platform for communicating with a remote workforce than traditional email or video conferencing, especially from a psychological and behavioral standpoint.

  • People process visuals/audio 60,000x faster than text (3M).
  • Employees are 75% more likely to consume media than read documents, emails, and articles (Forrester).
  • Employees retain 95% of information conveyed in a message when they watch or listen to it compared to reading it (Invisia).

Enhancing programs with podcast audio content can reinforce learning and have a greater impact on results. When people read text, they only decode about 7% of the meaning. That increases to 38% when listening. So, switching a piece of content from an email or a written guide to a podcast could lead to 500% better understanding (ATD).

Podcast Listening Happens on the Go:

  • 64% Listen in the Car
  • 43% Tune in at the Gym
  • 49% Consume While Walking

How to Unlock the Power of Corporate Podcasting

If you’re considering launching a podcast at your organization, here are four ways to use this tool to supplement employee communication initiatives and build a culture of learning.

1. Deliver Just-in-Time

Podcasts are an effective way to disseminate key information and best practices. The format—either just audio or audio and video—lends itself to moments of micro-learning. Proactively educate and inform your employees with resources they can mine for best practices, ongoing training, or role-play scenarios.

2. Make It Mobile

Make sure your podcast episodes are accessible in the flow of work. Deliver podcasts to your employees via a fully optimized mobile experience. Host your podcasts in a single persistent library that promotes ease of searchability and content discovery. Provide a modern playback experience to allow employees to access episodes anywhere, anytime so they can tune in while they are offline and on the go.

3. Drive Connectivity

Leverage storytelling principles that focus on employee development goals to bypass Zoom fatigue and email overload. Boosting listener appeal with a more intimate form of communication will help increase engagement and drive organizational connectivity. On-demand access enhances corporate messaging on key business objectives and helps create a sense of affinity among remote and geographically dispersed employees.

4. Understand Your Audience

Get insight into listener engagement by tapping qualitative and quantitative data. Analyze which episodes or topics resonate most with employees. Refine and optimize content to better align with your intended audiences and see higher levels of adoption.

The Power of Podcasts

Asynchronous video—such as a podcast—is a fast and effective way to educate, train, and engage employees when teams are remote. Explore corporate podcasts and see how you can audio and video to provide quick hits of content that sellers can use to improve sales conversations in a hybrid world.

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