The Asynchronous Advantage: How to Keep Hybrid Sales Teams on Track

New Research Shows the Advantages of Asynchronous Communication

As companies around the world return to the office, we’re not going back to our familiar routines. Hybrid situations, smaller office footprints, and more flexible work-from-home policies are likely to continue. While these are convenient, collaboration will be more complex than ever before.

How are hybrid sales teams adapting to learn and collaborate successfully? The answer is asynchronous communication—that doesn’t require an immediate response.

Allego’s new, independent research explores how companies today are using asynchronous communication. We surveyed B2B leaders and their teams and found that having tools and processes to capture and share employee conversations asynchronously can help companies overcome the challenges of adapting to a hybrid environment.

Download this new research report to learn:

  • New findings about the uses and value of asynchronous communication
  • 3 reasons why asynchronous communication is more productive and why relying solely on live, in-person communication leads to lower productivity, burnout, and lost information
  • Why growing companies are more likely to have tools and processes for leveraging asynchronous communication
  • Practical recommendations for adopting asynchronous communication in a hybrid virtual environment

Download our new research report to learn how to leverage asynchronous communication for team success.

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