Allego for Financial Services

Sales Training Platform for Financial Services

Stay Ahead of the Market

Rapidly changing markets, complex regulations, and distribution disruption make it challenging for financial service firms to keep their sales forces up to date and able to articulate compelling value. We built the Allego sales learning and readiness platform from the ground up to meet the specific needs of asset managers, wealth managers, insurance providers, retail banks and other financial services organizations. Technology that salespeople love to use and a track record of customer success make Allego the de facto standard.

8 of the 10 Best Asset Management Sales Teams Use Allego

The profound changes impacting asset management put enormous pressure on wholesalers to bring value to every advisor interaction. Allego helps them do so by delivering confident, consistent messaging about their firm and products combined with timely and impactful insights from peers and home office support teams. More than half of the top 50 US asset managers, including 8 of the 10 wholesale teams most liked by advisors, arm their distribution teams with Allego to deepen relationships and boost AUM.

Retirement and Life Insurance Leaders Succeed with Allego

Allego equips life insurance and retirement product leaders like Pacific Life, Principal Financial Group, Global Atlantic, and John Hancock Life to ensure distribution teams understand complex products, master value-add programs, and deliver consistent, differentiating messaging. 7 of the 11 top US Variable Annuity providers rely on Allego to ready their wholesale teams to make the most of each FA conversation.

Wealth Managers Bank on Allego

Allego helps leading wirehouses, broker-dealers, RIAs and other wealth managers grow assets by:

  • Ramping new advisors more quickly through mobile video-based onboarding, training and coaching
  • Enabling FAs to access the most timely and relevant insights from firm experts before each client meeting
  • Certifying that advisor messaging is consistent, confident and compliant
  • Ensuring proficiency with new tools and technology platforms

Boost Selling Proficiency Across Retail Bank Networks

Success in the competitive world of retail banking hinges on branch managers’ ability to build the business at the local level, but how can RMs and trainers engage such large, distributed teams? Allego enables sales training, coaching and collaboration at the branch level through the power of mobile video, ensuring that bank managers and staff can establish new client relationships, effectively communicate their bank’s unique value and cross-sell more effectively.

Modern Learning for Today’s Financial Services Environment

Traditional approaches to sales training and coaching simply can’t keep up with the speed and complexity demanded by today’s financial services distribution teams. Only a modern approach to sales learning and readiness that combines mobile, video and peer technology with learning science can ensure reps have the skills and timely knowledge to bring value to each client interaction.

Increase Sales Knowledge

Rapidly share market insights from product experts in the home office to ensure sales teams bring value to each client interaction.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Organically share best practices, peer insight and knowledge across client facing and internal support teams.

Certify Painlessly

Ensure teams deliver confident, certified messaging while reducing time out of field and the difficulty FINRA compliance.

Manage and Coach More Effectively

Enable managers to support their team more frequently and efficiently using remote video.