Case Study

Ash Brokerage Develops a More Consistent Onboarding Experience

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Founded: 1971
Employees: 201-500 employees
Industry: Financial Services

The fast-growing Retirement Division of Ash Brokerage needed to develop a more consistent onboarding experience for new hires while improving collaboration among existing wholesalers.

As an insurance brokerage general agency (BGA) representing the products of 80-plus carriers, it also needed its reps to deliver more effective and consistent messaging—to be razor sharp when discussing the benefits and features of all those financial products. For Executive Vice President of Retirement Mike McGlothlin, the ultimate goal was to create a championship-level wholesaling firm to serve its financial advisor customers.



To help train new hires, McGlothlin asked his top five territories to make three different Allego videos each: one about a favorite insurance carrier, another about a favorite product, and a third advising reps on what they should say to clients.

McGlothlin and his team also created mobile videos for the entire sales force and some of its financial advisor customers. The videos featured new ideas and best practices from top sellers.

McGlothlin pioneered the use of Allego videos for direct marketing to advisors. New customers were sent 30-second thank-you videos in appreciation for their business. Customers who had recently won awards or reached career milestones received congratulations videos.

Hard numbers aside, my wholesalers tell me that regularly seeing each other’s faces through the Allego videos helps them feel more connected to one another as a team than ever before. And that's saying a lot about what Allego can do for team building, since the majority of us have worked together for more than 20 years.

Mike McGlothlin Executive VP, Retirement, Ash Brokerage


Results Learning engagement soared among the reps. Within 18 months of adopting Allego, the division reached 25,000 views on just 50 seat licenses.

McGlothlin attributes $1.6 million in additional revenue to the knowledge sharing among wholesalers that Allego enabled, as well as the thank-you videos sent to advisors.

The thank-you videos helped increase repeat business, reducing the percentage of one-time purchases from 42% to 38% in less than a year.

Within the first year of using Allego, the division enjoyed record growth, generating more than $1.5 billion in revenue—a $328 million increase over the year prior. And for the first time ever, one rep reached $200 million in sales—and it was no coincidence that this rep was the biggest content provider and consumer on the Allego platform during that period.

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