Launches and Rollouts

Accelerate ROI for your launch by ensuring reps can articulate new messaging, recall critical concepts and share the best materials in context for every prospect need

50% of launches fail to hit their revenue targets1 and sellers struggle to understand and use launch messaging and content appropriately.2

Accelerate launch success

Personalize your virtual launch training with interactive assessments and stand-and-deliver exercises to prepare reps
Manage, distribute and contextualize key launch content using explainer videos paired with marketing assets for deep alignment.
Establish a feedback loop from Sales to Marketing to produce content that works, and provide just-in-time learning libraries and recommendations of best practices.
1 McKinsey
2 Ignites

Launch new messaging and initiatives with confidence

Allego’s Learning and Enablement Platform ensures your team effectively messages the value of new products and services throughout every stage of the sales process

Give sellers content, virtual training, AI spaced reinforcement, and ongoing field updates to accelerate launch success
Accelerate the integration process using courses, virtual manager coaching and engaging video updates from leadership for company-wide news and changes
Provide the training and supporting resources for teams to understand and execute on new internal processes and workflows
Ensure reps effectively use marketing content with buyers by pairing assets with best practice examples from SMEs and peers
Bolster understanding and ensure message consistency using interactive assessments, stand-and-deliver video exercises, and simulated customer conversations
Solidify knowledge retention of key product facts and information with daily adaptive quizzing using rich media Flash Drills for 30 seconds per day

Actionable analytics and reporting

Detailed and summary reporting will provide management visibility into Sales progress and engagement from baseline training to execution during the post-launch period.. Track where users are getting “stuck”, showing strength, where more coaching and enablement content support is needed, as well as where opportunities lie to provide remedial learning on a particular topic.

Learning Program Details

Support every stage of the product launch lifecycle

Disseminate key launch information
Certify reps and managers without travel
Accelerate team proficiency
Distribute best practices
Establish critical feedback loop
Personalized Video Messaging

Instead of having to bring over a third of our reps back into the home office to re-certify, we were able to drive to a 100% success rate on the MFS Investment Process Story.

John Heroux Director of Learning and Development / MFS

We’ve had 100% sales adoption with about 48,000 peer views on the platform in the first 12 months. But for me, the biggest impact is the behavioral and cultural shift that we’ve undergone in the organization.

Head of Learning and Development / Global Asset Management Firm


When you have a platform like Allego, you have the benefit of someone reviewing reps’ performance and providing feedback whenever it’s convenient.

Chris Gish Vice President of Sales / Global Pharmaceutical Company

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