Customer Case Study

Enovis Adapts to a Fast-Changing Environment Using Allego

Industry: Life Sciences
Company Size: 4,500+
Location: Irvine, California
Founded: 1976

Enovis (formerly DJO Global) believes in Powering Motion™. The company’s philosophy is “to get and keep people moving.” Enovis delivers a complete continuum of orthopedic care from performance and mobility to surgical intervention and post-operative rehabilitation. With over 12 facilities worldwide and over 1,000 medical devices, Enovis is focused on developing solutions that generate better patient outcomes and transform workflows.

Situation: Enabling a Global Sales Force

Enovis (formerly DJO Global) is a global medical technology company focused on developing clinically differentiated solutions that generate measurably better patient outcomes and transform workflows. It’s a complex company selling complex products with a complex sales organization.

“It’s amazing. It’s innovative. Allego has been the most pivotal tool that we’ve brought on.”

Jim Brewer | Vice President of Sales, US Bracing & Support

Challenge: Inadequate Training, Siloed Teams

By the start of 2019, Enovis recognized the need for change. The company’s sales force, selling multiple product lines that include orthopedic devices for rehabilitation, pain management, and physical therapy, was composed of both direct employees and reps working for its distribution partners. The teams were siloed and delivering a consistent sales message was often a challenge.

“I was competing for distribution partners’ time because they’re allowed to sell other lines,” said Jim Brewer, Vice President of Sales, US Bracing & Support. “So I needed to be able to communicate with them very efficiently, and I needed to engage them at a high level because I want them selling Enovis the second they wake up and all day long.”

It had also become clear that the company’s sales training was no longer adequate. “The way we needed to train people, and the way they needed to learn, was changing,” said Tania Babineau, Senior Manager of Sales, Training and Education for Bracing and Support. “We have a heavy reliance on distributor partners all over the country. And we had a team of one trainer. We needed a way to get our message out effectively, but we had no budget. We had no bandwidth. Our morale was dipping. So we brought on Allego.”

However, just as the company started down the pathway to positive change, the COVID-19 pandemic upended everything. “I can’t get into my hospitals,” said Babineau. “I can’t get into my clinics. I have patients calling that need braces. What am I going to do? Luckily, we had Allego. This was 24/7 access to everything we needed. We just needed to do it a little bit differently.”

Solution: Breaking Down Silos with Allego

Overnight, Enovis began operating like a telehealth provider. The company had a library of fitting and application videos and began sharing them with sales reps, service people, and customers.

“We were able to take care of our customers and we had all the resources needed for our reps in Allego,” said Babineau. “With COVID, we were all siloed. We needed people to feel like they were still part of something. So we used Allego to make videos. We ran promotions and contests. It was fun. We got weekly updates from our leaders and we felt like we were connected as an organization.”

Eventually, COVID made its way out the door, but Allego did not. Soon, other divisions were calling Babineau’s team, asking if they could jump on the Allego bandwagon. “We started to strengthen as an organization, and the way we used Allego also started to strengthen. Today, we have three (almost four) of our divisions using Allego, including our international team.”

Results: Widespread Adoption and Engagement

With the worst of the pandemic behind them, Enovis expanded and accelerated its application of the Allego platform, starting with its onboarding program. Today, new reps instantly receive all the tools they need to succeed and communicate with their peers and managers.

The company also launched a shareable content library and started taking advantage of Allego’s digital sales rooms, which enable reps to engage with customers in real time.

“It’s a great way to get information to customers without pinging them all day long. Information can be customized for one group or one customer, and the reps can participate. We can put all the content we want in there, but once reps get the link, they can change that content. It’s not set in stone because everything’s evolving.

“It’s amazing. It’s innovative. Allego has been the most pivotal tool that we’ve brought on.”

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