Enterprise Collaboration & Communication

Imagine getting your global organization on point with your message within 2 minutes

Enterprise Collaboration & Communication

A quarterly earnings announcement, a new product launch,  a merger and acquisition, an executive announcement – imagine being able to effectively communicate within a single video your message across your organization and bring your entire staff on point with your message.  Think about your competitive advantage – communicating with not only your staff but extending that to your partners, and even customers.

Consider too how video can be used for everyday learning across the organization.  20-25% of existing sales staff will be retiring in the next 4 years, taking with them a treasure trove of expertise and best practices, leaving a knowledge gap that could be crippling to many organizations. Allego provides a way for these leaders to preserve a legacy of their know-how. Additionally, many organizations rely on both field sales and an inside sales organization, or field sales and a large partner ecosystem. Ensuring alignment between these areas is paramount in creating consistent messaging and a competitive barrier against external threats.

Our customers often expand their use of Allego within their organizations, and are also the first to identify new use cases and adopt Allego as the solution.

  • Capture in-field knowledge and competency through video
  • Create tighter collaboration between your inside sales and external sales teams
  • Deliver Executive News Flashes across the organization for standard weekly, monthly or quarterly updates or for late-breaking news
  • Give Product Marketing an easy-to-update platform for new product positioning, pricing, and competitive differentiators
  • Easily share best pitches with your partners