Fast, Effective Sales Onboarding

Onboard new sales reps 40% faster with Allego

Fast, Effective Sales Onboarding

Sales onboarding has never been easier.

Whether you’re hiring new salespeople or moving existing staff into new roles, fast and effective sales onboarding to get them ramped and productive is critical. With Allego’s platform, sales organizations:

  • Cut time to first deal by up to 40%
  • Decrease the need for classroom and on site training
  • Reduce travel costs and lost selling time
  • Boost training retention and absorption

Dedicate a channel in Allego for onboarding that leverages best practice and key product videos, setting up a way for new hires to go through your curriculum in a specific order that you define as relevant for your organization. New hires can watch the videos, practice their own pitches, respond to or ask questions, and receive coaching and feedback, reducing the time it takes them to be productive and drive revenue!

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