How to Run a Virtual Sales Kickoff: George Donovan, CRO, Allego

If you’re planning a sales kickoff or national sales meeting, you may be wondering how to transition an in-person meeting to a virtual one. You’ve got to roll out 2021 plans, launch products, train on messaging, and get new hires up to speed.

This meeting might be the most important one you’ve ever planned. We’re facing Zoom fatigue, time zone conflicts, and work-from-home pressures. You’ve got to keep your teams on track.

In this video, George Donovan, Allego’s Chief Revenue Officer, shares his advice for delivering a great virtual sales kickoff.

Watch the interview to learn:

  • The most important things a sales leader should accomplish at a sales kickoff
  • How to overcome the biggest challenges of doing a virtual sales kickoff
  • How to keep your sellers from feeling zoom fatigue and stay engaged
  • Tools and tech to help deliver a great sales kickoff