Accelerate Sales Onboarding

Fast, Effective Sales Onboarding Software

Onboard New Sales Reps 40% Faster

Whether you’re hiring new staff or shifting existing sales reps into new roles, the time you take to get your team ramped and productive is critical. With Allego, your company can design a pre-boarding curriculum that introduces new hires to best practices and key product videos prior to their on-site training. Through all training phases, Allego enables new hires to practice their pitches, respond to or ask questions, and receive coaching and feedback.

Onboarding Purpose Built for Sales

The learning environment sales teams face is far more dynamic than for any other corporate function. Products evolve, markets change constantly, competitive messaging must be countered, and customers demand immediate responses. No wonder 96% of the sales pros we surveyed said traditional training can’t keep up.

Ramp Sales Reps Faster

Improve time to productivity by amplifying training sessions with on-demand videos, personalized coaching, and point-in-time feedback.

Reduce Onboarding Cost

Reduce hours spent in classroom and on-site training sessions with pre-boarding curriculum that puts key information into the hands of your new hires immediately.

Boost Sales Effectiveness

Enable sales reps to practice skills learned during their sales onboarding sessions.

"Our challenge was to get sales training out of the classroom so reps can spend more time on the field. The first year of employment at Apptio, Reps used to spend 20 days out of field. We have decided to go away with that leverage Allego for sales onboarding and continuous education."

Sean Goldie, Director of Field Sales Enablement

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